william shatner surgery

william shatner surgery

william shatner surgery

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Looking good and attractive in 83-years-old age is not only women’s dream, but men also have the same expectation for having gorgeous look in that age. William Shatner, 83 years old, has reportedly got some plastic surgery procedures to keep his youthful and cool appearance. However the actor strongly denied if he has been under knife to maintain his appearance. He ensured that healthy lifestyle and regular exercise are the main key to fight against aging signs.

Has William Shatner Had Plastic Surgery?

William Shatner, a 91-year-old actor, still looks way younger than his age. Fans suspect that the Star Trek veteran has done some sort of plastic surgery to gain a youthful appearance.

The talented Canadian actor was born on March 22, 1931, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In a career spanning seven decades, William is best known for his portrayal of James T. Kirk in the Star Trek franchise.

He made his Star Trek debut in 1965 as the captain of the Enterprise in the second pilot of the first Star Trek television series. The actor’s final appearance in the franchise was as Admiral Kirk in the seventh Star Trek movie, Star Trek Generations, 1994.

Shatner is also a recording artist who usually sings dramatic recitations of popular songs rather than musical ones, with the most notable ones including The Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Bob Dylan’s Mr. Tambourine Man, and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

william shatner surgery
william shatner surgery


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Has William Shatner Had Botox?

William Shatner’s youthful appearance at the age of 91 has made fans curious about whether he has undergone plastic surgery. And it seems that it is true in the case of the legendary Canadian actor.

Nowadays, plastic surgery seems to be the go-to way for keeping celebrities looking wonderful. There are many celebrities who have reportedly got cosmetic surgery procedures to maintain their attractive appearance.

It seems that Shatner has surely performed some sort of facial procedure to maintain his appearance. A Botox filler injection is suspected to be done to his face to remove lines of aging and give him a fresh and younger appearance.

However, the actor himself has denied using plastic surgery on his face. He ensured that a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise are the main keys to fighting against aging signs.

Like him, most celebrities do not openly accept the fact that they did some medical procedures to maintain their appearance. Only some of the celebs are open about going under the knife.

The before and after photos of the Canadian actor signifies that he has indeed performed some sort of plastic surgery to maintain his youthful looks. At the age of 91, he does not seem to have any wrinkles or hanging skins. His forehead does not seem contracted and his cheeks seem full.

william shatner surgery
william shatner surgery

William Shatner Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

The other plastic surgery procedure that is likely owned by the actor is Botox injection. This injectable filler is aimed to complete his previous surgery procedures, facelift, and to remove the crows feet lines and other aging signs so that it gives him fresh and younger appearance with very toned and bit elevated face skin.

In short, Although the former of Star Trek actor has strongly denied that he has got plastic surgery procedures, but before and after pictures comparison have shown plastic surgery facts. Nevertheless we are really amazed by William Shatner plastic surgery results. Most of his surgical procedures were well done, so that he can still look natural. It is almost different for Bruce Jenner and Wayne Newton. Both of those men reportedly look unnatural and even weird after being under knife. Some people think that both of those actors have got plastic surgery gone wrong.

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William Shatner Facelift

By looking at his recent appearance, some of us may said that William Shatner gets benefit from the surgery. He still looks fresh though his age is no longer young. This unusual appearance may be as the result of good facelift. Commonly 80-year-old-men’s face will show some wrinkles and crow’s feet lines on their forehead skin. But what we see on his appearance, It still looks fresh and tight.

According to some plastic surgeons, William Shatner definitely got facelift to prevent his face from saggy or pulled down. The facelift really helps him to remove hard folds from his face. Yet it is also makes his facial skin very tight and toned too. It is impossible for you to see the crease or fold that appeared on his face.

William Shatner’s Plastic Surgery – Facelift, Botox & What Else?

Looking beautiful and appealing even at old age is not only a woman’s dream; men, too, want to look good and desirable at such age. The 90-year-old William Shatner allegedly underwent plastic surgery to maintain his vibrant and stylish appearance.

However, the actor vehemently denied that he had undergone cosmetic surgery to compensate for the natural course of action. He stressed the importance of a healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity in combating the effects of aging.

william shatner surgery
william shatner surgery

Contrasting his before and after pictures, this actor’s look is truly amazing. His face does not exhibit any obvious signs of aging. There are some hints of being over-the-hill, but they’re largely negligible.

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So, if he really went under the knife, what kind of medical procedures did he have to enhance his appearance?

Many fans believe William Shatner benefited from some form of surgery based on his appearance over the years. He still looks relatively young despite his elderly age. This peculiar feature may be the result of a successful facelift.

Wrinkles and crow’s feet lines on the skin are quite visible as you grow older. But from what we can see of Shatner, he still seems to be in great condition.

Per some professional plastic surgeons, William Shatner underwent a facelift to keep his face from looking saggy or pulled down. The facelift significantly aids in the removal of hard folds on your face.

Moreover, it also tightens and tones your facial skin. You won’t be able to see the crease or fold that is expected of a pretty old person. Botox injection is another cosmetic procedure that the actor is likely to have gone for.This injectable filler is intended to complement his previous surgical endeavors, such as a facelift, and to erase crow’s feet lines and other deteriorating signs, giving him a refreshed and brighter appearance with quite toned and moderately increased facial skin.

Besides the speculated plastic surgery, the actor is well-known for undergoing a hip replacement operation as well as a hair transplant. Both of which are public knowledge.



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