why were flappers shocking to society

why were flappers shocking to society

why were flappers shocking to society

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Why were flappers shocking to society?

A. Social attitudes about men made it difficult for them to speak to flappers
B. Flappers represented opposition to social change.
c. Social attitudes were opposed to independent women.
D. Flappers represented a return to 19th-century values.

ANSWER: Social attitudes in the past were opposed to independent women.

why were flappers shocking to society
why were flappers shocking to society


Fashions and customs of the 1920s:

The 1920s is a fascinating decade, full of social changes, new fashions, and new music. It was a time of great modernity. After the First World War, the Western world had to change many of its ideas and social structures. Flappers are a typical example of this vibrant and changing society.

Answer and Explanation:

The young women known as ”flappers” were shocking to society because they challenged traditional notions and norms about femininity.

Flappers of the 1920s were young women known for their energetic freedom, embracing a lifestyle viewed by many at the time as outrageous, immoral or downright dangerous. Now considered the first generation of independent American women, flappers pushed barriers in economic, political and sexual freedom for women.

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What Is a Flapper?

No one knows how the word flapper entered American slang, but its usage first appeared just following World War I.

The classic image of a flapper is that of a stylish young party girl. Flappers smoked in public, drank alcohol, danced at jazz clubs and practiced sexual freedom that shocked the Victorian morality of their parents.

In the 1920s, flappers—young women with new ideas about how to live—broke away from the Victorian image of womanhood. They stopped wearing corsets and dropped layers of clothing to increase ease of movement, wore make-up and cut their hair short, and experimented with extramarital sexuality, creating the concept of dating. In breaking away from conservative Victorian values, flappers created what many considered the “new” or “modern” woman.

why were flappers shocking to society
why were flappers shocking to society

Flapper Dress

Flappers were famous—or infamous, depending on your viewpoint—for their rakish attire.

They donned fashionable flapper dresses of shorter, calf-revealing lengths and lower necklines, though not typically form-fitting: Straight and slim was the preferred silhouette.

Flappers wore high heel shoes and threw away their corsets in favor of bras and lingerie. They gleefully applied rouge, lipstick, mascara and other cosmetics, and favored shorter hairstyles like the bob.

Flappers influenced young girls to rebel against social norms and due to that mentality this new generation of young girls began to explore new opportunities within different realms of society. In addition to this they refused to return to traditional female roles and resubmit to strict Victorian mortality.
Flappers beat the old stereotype that smoking, drinking, and one night stands were just for boys.
Before a Flappers woman had to be societies imagine of a perfect woman, they had to be nice and don’t drink,
smoke or sleep around. Girls smoking and drinking wasn’t publicly acceptable and finding out a woman slept with more than one guy,
she would be labeled as a whore. A guy would never be labeled in a negative way; they would be encouraged to continue to act that way,
they would be the “Man” and admired by their buddies. Flappers made it possible for women today to express Themselves and enjoy life without being judge.
why were flappers shocking to society
why were flappers shocking to society

Flappers were so popular that people were trying to come up with a way to identify who was flapper and
who was pretending be one. Thirteen characteristics were used to identify a flapper: “hat of soft silk or felt, bobbed hair,
flapper curl on forehead, flapper collar, flapper earrings, slip-over sweater, flapper beads, metallic belt, bracelet of strung jet,
knee- length fringed skirt, exposed bare knees, rolled hose with fancy garter, flat-heeled, little girl sandals” (flapper).
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