why isn’t gus on larry’s country diner anymore

why isn't gus on larry's country diner anymore

why isn’t gus on larry’s country diner anymore

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Larry’s Country Diner closes before opening

Plans for a real-life Larry’s Country Diner restaurant to be built in Bellevue are no longer on the front burner. They’re still simmering but could be off the stove entirely. The project – based on a popular cable television show of the same name that is hosted by former WSM disc jockey Larry Black – sits half-finished at the Highway 70 exit just off Interstate 40.

It was Black’s dream four years ago to build a show-themed restaurant in much the same way country legend Ray Stevens is currently building his CabaRay Showroom dinner club just off Charlotte Pike two exits closer to Nashville after first launching the successful CabaRay Nashville syndicated TV show.

But Black, who was seriously injured in an ATV accident in Montana in late June 2015, says his project got way too expensive to build and the property has been up for sale.


why isn't gus on larry's country diner anymore
why isn’t gus on larry’s country diner anymore

“It was to be a reality show that became a real restaurant, a real diner. And during that time, during that two-year period, I went off the side of that mountain in Montana, and I think concussions do things to you that they ought not to do because your cognitive skills get abused,” Black explains, speaking recently from his Gabriel Communications offices.

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“I look back on some decisions I made, and it’s like ‘how in the world did you make a stupid decision like that?’ … But now we’ve got $2.5 million in it, and the restaurant’s not completed.

“And, if we were to continue down the course I’d set for us, it would be another $2 million to finish it.”

Black adds he has fielded numerous calls about the property and expects it to sell eventually, whether it’s a Larry’s Country Diner or not. He says he would be willing to walk away from the property for less than he has already invested.

Bellevue is a hot retail area right now, with the development of Ray Stevens CabaRay Showroom, the One Bellevue Place retail center and hundreds of new homes being built on the west side of Nashville.

Despite that setback, the Larry’s Country Diner TV show continues to do well, as does Black’s companion Country’s Family Reunion show, video sales of both shows, show-themed cruises and other ventures. Other live and taped shows are being considered by Black, including possibly hosting some at the CabaRay Showroom.

why isn't gus on larry's country diner anymore
why isn’t gus on larry’s country diner anymore

Springer Mountain Farms Celebrates Fifth Year Of Partnership With Larry’s Country Diner

Springer Mountain Farms® is proud to continue their partnership with the hit television show “Larry’s Country Diner”. Since 2013, Springer Mountain Farms® has supported the popular down-home show, which integrates interviews and music in an entertaining weekly format. The show is taped live in front of a studio audience in an old-fashioned diner setting.


“It is a great relationship between ‘Larry’s Country Diner’ and Springer Mountain Farms®. I have a great time on the show and it has brought great awareness of Springer Mountain Farms® chicken to hundreds of thousands of viewers.” said Gus Arrendale, President of Springer Mountain Farms®. “Larry’s Country Diner” is pure, wholesome family entertainment, which is a great fit with our mission of bringing pure wholesome chicken to our customers.”

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Each “Larry’s Country Diner” episode features Arrendale, referred to as “The Chicken Man” on the show, highlighting some of the attributes that sets Springer Mountain Farms® chicken apart from other brands as well as the many retail and restaurant locations where it is available. There is also a chance for viewers to win a freezer full of Springer Mountain Farms® chicken by tuning in and entering online.

Owned and produced by Gabriel Communications, “Larry’s Country Diner” is one of the top-rated programs airing on the RFD-TV network and receives 1.6 million viewers per month.

About Springer Mountain Farms® Springer Mountain Farms® is a family owned business that has been raising chickens for over 40 years. Years ago, in the hills of Northeast Georgia, our founders started selling chickens in the back room of their grocery store. They built the company on strong values and kindred relationships within the farming community, and all of the farmers, with up to forty years of experience and third generation families, take great pride in what they do to raise the finest chicken on the market today.

why isn't gus on larry's country diner anymore
why isn’t gus on larry’s country diner anymore

Over the years, through studying and learning about the benefits of better animal care, better living conditions, and more stringent biosecurity practices, Springer Mountain Farms® became the first poultry producer in the world to gain the endorsement of American Humane Association under their American Humane Certified program. We exercise great care in all that we do, and we know you’ll be able to taste the difference. “Great Care. Great Taste.”

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All About: Larry’s Country Diner

“Larry’s Country Diner” is a unique down-home variety show which integrates entertainment, interviews and music in a weekly format, taped LIVE in front of a studio audience in a country diner setting. The show features regular characters including Black, Keith Bilbrey, Sheriff Jimmy Capps, Waitress Renae and avid church lady, Nadine, along with special guest appearances by country music artists of yesterday and today. Since its initial airing on August 3, 2009, “Larry’s Country Diner” has produced over 100 episodes and has become one of the most popular shows on RFD-TV, garnering 1.4 million viewers monthly.

“Larry’s Country Diner” is a product of Gabriel Communications. Owned and operated by longtime disc jockey Larry Black, Gabriel Communications was created in 1996 and specialized in “Reunion” videos. The success of these videos spurred the creation of more than a dozen additional projects featuring hundreds of songs and stories, including Country’s Family Reunion News, a monthly newspaper which highlights the music of yesteryear.

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