who was kenny lattimore first wife

who was kenny lattimore first wife

who was kenny lattimore first wife

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Kenny Lattimore: who is he?

American singer-songwriter Kenny Lattimore grew up in Washington, D.C., United States. An actor, he has appeared in a number of films, including The Best Man (1999), Charlie Jade (2005), and Love Jones (1997).

Lattimore married singer Chanté Moore in Jamaica in January 2002. Kenny Lattimore Jr. was born to Moore and Lattimore on April 10, 2003. The couple announced their divorce in July 2011. Lattimore married American judge Faith Jenkins on March 8, 2020.

Does Chante Moore still have a husband?

On her Facebook page, the R&B songstress announced the end of her nine-year marriage to Kenny Latimore. I am divorced from my ex-husband Kenny Lattimore,” Chante wrote. We will continue to be devoted parents to our son.

How old is Kenny Lattimore?  51 years old
How tall is Lattimore? 1.76 meters
Who is Kenny Lattimore married to?  Faith Jenkins
How much money does Lattimore earn? Unknown
How much is Kenny Lattimore worth? $2 Million

Marriage, Divorce, and Kids

Kenny Lattimore was married to Chante Moore, who was best known for her songs “Chante’s Got a Man” and “Straight Up.” Kenny and Chante got married in 2002.A few family and friends attended their New Year’s Day wedding in Jamaica; it was a lavish affair. In the following year, Kenny Jr. was born to them.

Their marriage went great for a while, and then things got tough. Their nine-year marriage failed to withstand the issues they were experiencing, and they split up. The reason of their divorce is not entirely clear. Moore left Kenny after he cheated on him and she didn’t want to be a hassle in his life. The relationship would have been better kept if Kenny had talked more and worked more together.

who was kenny lattimore first wife

who was kenny lattimore first wife

There was a rumor about Kenny’s sexuality after Kenny and Moore split up. It was believed that he was gay.

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It would not matter if he was or wasn’t to his fans and especially to those that are not even part of his life in any way.

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