where does paul mccartney live

where does paul mccartney live

where does paul mccartney live

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Where Does Paul McCartney Live?

Over the years, Paul McCartney has lived in many places around the world, from major cities like London and New York to the rural countryside of Scotland and Arizona. He still owns many homes today, with his primary residences located in England, Scotland, and the United States.

The Homes In England

The first home that Paul McCartney is known to have purchased was a townhouse in St John’s Wood, which is part of the Greater London area.

Located at 7 Cavendish Avenue, McCartney bought the home on April 13, 1965, from a physician named Desmond O’Neill. McCartney paid 40,000 pounds sterling for the property and later made several changes, including the addition of a gate and intercom system. Though McCartney has purchased many other homes since then, this three-story townhouse is still his home base whenever he is in London. When he married Nancy Shevell, the property was used to hold the reception.


Many famous visitors have visited the house throughout the years, including Mick Jagger and Andy Warhol. Just a short distance away is Abbey Road Studios, where the Beatles recorded many songs together, and the iconic crosswalk pictured on the cover of their 11th album.

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McCartney also owns a home in Rye, East Sussex. In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, he was staying at this residence with his daughter Mary and her family.

where does paul mccartney live
where does paul mccartney live

The Home In Scotland

On June 17, 1966, Paul McCartney acquired High Park Farm near the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland. A local farmer named Mr. Brown and his wife had occupied the three-bedroom farmhouse for 19 years but had allowed the property to fall into disrepair.

Following his marriage to Linda Eastman in 1969, McCartney began to renovate the farm, which sits atop a hill overlooking Machrihanish Bay. McCartney and his band Wings would immortalize the Mull of Kintyre in 1977 with their hit single of the same name.

To prevent tourists from making unwelcome visits to the property, McCartney has since purchased the nearby Low Park Farm.

The Homes In The United States

Paul McCartney owns several homes across the United States, which gives him a variety of living options for whenever he is in the country.

McCartney’s first home purchase in New York was a midtown Manhattan apartment in August 1984. Sold to McCartney for $1.88 million, the apartment looks out onto the back of the Museum of Modern Art.

In late 1998, McCartney purchased a home in East Hampton, New York. Situated on the South Shore of Long Island only steps away from Main Street, the house was acquired for $495,000.

Stella McCartney, Paul’s daughter, followed in her father’s footsteps and purchased her own beachfront home in the Hamptons in 2016.

In May 2015, Paul McCartney spent $15.5 million on the purchase of a Manhattan triplex. With incredible views of the city, including Central Park, it is no surprise that he was drawn to this particular property.

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The residence is spread across three floors and includes five bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms, a spacious terrace, and a cozy, 33-foot library.

On the other side of the United States, McCartney purchased a Beverly Hills estate from singer and songwriter Courtney Love in March 2001 for just under $4 million. Despite its location in the Los Angeles area, the estate is relatively private and is situated on 1.63 acres.

Paul McCartney Residence
Paul McCartney Residence

In nearby Arizona, McCartney owns a desert ranch outside of Tucson, which spans over 150 acres. Though he and his wife Linda enjoyed many years at the property, he has spent considerably less time there since her passing in 1998.

The multiple homes which Paul McCartney owns are certainly impressive, but they are just one example of the monumental success that this amazingly talented performer has achieved.

The details on McCartney’s Hollywood Hills home

Back in 2001, McCartney reportedly got tired of staying at hotels in Los Angeles every time he was in the city so he decided to buy a place there. He dropped $4 million on a Hollywood Hills pad that was previously owned by Courtney Love as well as Ellen DeGeneres. The French Country-style house sits on nearly two acres of land. It boasts 4,700 square feet of living space with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. One of the main draws of the property, which was first built in the 1930s and has been completely refurbished, is the seclusion and privacy it offers tucked away in the mountains above Beverly Hills. It is sometimes referred to as LA’s “Music Row” because of the famous musicians including Madonna, Rihanna, and Mariah Carey who call or have called the area home.

The legendary singer-songwriter stills owns his Arizona ranch and multiple residences in England including his massive 150-acre estate known as “Blossom Wood Farm” located in the village of Peasmarsh in East Sussex Country.

where does paul mccartney live
10/18/2005 – Paul McCartney – Paul McCartney in Concert at The United Center – October 18, 2005 – The United Center – Chicago, IL, USA

A Beatles fan bought McCartney’s childhood home

McCartney said that his family moved around a few times when he was a child and the first house he remembers living in is located at 72 Western Avenue in the Speke neighborhood of Liverpool, England. His family moved into that residence when he was 4 years old. They lived in the three-bedroom property for six years.

In 2013, that house was sold at an auction to one lucky Beatles fan for more than $600,000, which is much higher than other houses on the same block were selling for at the time.

Another one of McCartney’s childhood homes located on 20 Forthlin Road is a historical landmark owned by the National Trust. The organization purchased

it in 1995 and welcomes thousands of visitors to the abode each year.


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