when you receive a compressed file you must zip it

when you receive a compressed file you must zip it

when you receive a compressed file you must zip it

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When you receive a compressed file do you must zip it?

To retrieve the files from a compressed file you will need to unzip it using programs like WinRaR, which extracts the files into a normal folder.

No, it is not – a virus is code and it must be executed (‘run’). If it’s within a container (zip file) and that container is not opened, then the code will not run.

In theory, if a system is already compromised to extract a new incominf malicious payload (say as part of a C&C network), then that zip file might present a risk, especially if the ZIP file is encrypted so cannot be checked by AV or other scanners.

What is the default file extension for compressed zipped file?


How can you identify a compressed file in windows xp?

You can identify it easily in two ways. 1. By its icon, It is a folder up on its side that has a zip through it. 2. By its file extension. Although sometimes these are not always visible, the extension for the average compressed file is .zip . You could also identify if it a compressed file if it says compressed zip folder in grey writing under the file name.


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when you receive a compressed file you must zip it
when you receive a compressed file you must zip it

What type of file has a zip extension?

a ZIP file- it contains one or more files that have been compressed to reduce file size- you have to extract the zip file to be able to see what files are in it

What does WinZip do?

WinZip “unpacks” compressed files (.zip) and produces the original file or files that were compressed.

How to decompress a file in Windows

Before extracting the data from a compressed file, you must first determine the compressed file type. On an IBM compatible computer running Windows, this can be determined by the file extension. Most compressed files are either .ZIP.RAR.GZ, or .TGZ files. Below are examples of what some of the different compressed icons look like in Microsoft Windows.

Once the compressed file type is determined, use the appropriate program. For example, many users use WinZip and Pkzip to extract ZIP files and WinRAR to extract RAR files in Windows. However, we recommend Windows users use 7-Zip since this program is free, open source, and supports all major compressed file formats.

Is ZIP different from 7-ZIP or RAR?

When you’re researching ZIP files, you may come across the term “7z file” or “7-ZIP.” This is an archiving format that uses a higher compression ratio for fewer megabytes. While this smaller size is a positive, it also takes longer to process. It is also less convenient in that you need to download and install a software application to use. This is also the case for RAR and TAR files as well as WinRAR, ZIPx and PeaZip third-party software apps.

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How do ZIP files work?

ZIP files encode information into fewer bits by removing redundant data. This “lossless data compression” ensures all the original data is intact. Let’s look at a quick example to explain how this works.

Imagine a file that contains the following sentences:

  • The best sharing and storage solution for your business
  • Your business solution for the best sharing and storage
when you receive a compressed file you must zip it
when you receive a compressed file you must zip it

Each word in this file appears twice. Now, if each letter and space in the sentence equals one unit of memory, then the entire file size would be 110 units. But you can create a numbered code to express the data in a different way:

  • The best sharing and storage solution for your business
  • 123456789

Or to put it a different way, both sentences would now read: 123456789896712345. This means that the initial file size of 110 units is reduced to 18 units, which is a massive savings. The ZIP file format uses lossless compression algorithms to do exactly that. It allows you to express the same information in a more efficient way by removing the redundant data from the file. This also means it is faster to send a ZIP file.


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