when will packers season tickets be mailed

when will packers season tickets be mailed

when will packers season tickets be mailed

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Green Bay Packers ticket prices raised for upcoming season

The Green Bay Packers on Friday, March 11 announced plans for a price increase on stadium bowl tickets for the 2022 season. Regular-season tickets will increase between $4 and $7 per game, depending on location.

Invoices are being sent to season ticket holders this week and include a brochure which outlines the new pricing and previews next season’s home opponents. Preseason ticket prices, which are roughly half of regular-season prices, will increase between $2 and $4 per game.

This year, the NFL’s enhanced schedule, which was introduced in 2021, will impact the Packers’ home schedule for the first time. While NFC teams are slated to host a ninth regular-season home game this year, the Packers have been designated for a neutral-site international game at London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, instead. Ticketing for this event will be handled separately and further information will be available at a later date.


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Accordingly, Lambeau Field will host eight regular-season home games, and only one preseason game, with the Green package receiving the one preseason home game this year. Green and Gold package season ticket holders will receive their typical allotment of regular-season games.

“This increase keeps our ticket prices just below the average ticket price in the NFL, the benchmark we use annually to help us determine pricing,” Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy said in a letter sent to season ticket holders. “We feel this reflects an excellent value for the Lambeau Field game day experience, while also allowing us to maintain a fair visiting team share for our partner NFL teams.”

when will packers season tickets be mailed
when will packers season tickets be mailed

The Insanity of the Packers’ Season Ticket Waitlist


Ticket prices weren’t expected to go up this year until the 17th game was added. Prices for package holders went up around $50 per ticket this year. Season ticket holders should expect to pay around $750 to $1,000 per seat in 2021. Even though the prices will be going up, it appears the Gold package tickets holders will get the extra game.

Even with a hike in prices almost every year, the waitlist continues to grow. On average, fewer than 1,000 seats change hands. That’s because Packers fans can transfer their season tickets.

Tickets can be transferred upon death to a surviving spouse, child, or blood relative, and business-related can be transferred to. So unless a season ticket holder fills out a form to give up their tickets, doesn’t pay, or the people they transfer them to decline, they don’t go back into the general seating pool.

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For example, between 2018 and 2019, 99.4% of season ticket holders renewed.

when will packers season tickets be mailed
when will packers season tickets be mailed

No more paper tickets for Packers games

“Following the success of accepting mobile-only tickets during the playoffs this past season, this transition will help ensure safe, secure ticketing at Lambeau Field and help prevent counterfeit tickets,” the organization wrote in announcing the change.

Packers fans will use the Green Bay Packers mobile app to access their tickets and put them in a digital wallet. Season ticket holders can also transfer their tickets for someone else to use, donate their tickets, or post them for sale.

Season ticket holders will receive instructions for accessing tickets through an online account, or they can find instructions at https://www.packers.com/tickets/mobile-ticketing. It’s recommended that you load your tickets into the digital wallet in advance and make sure your phone is fully charged before approaching the entry gates at Lambeau Field. It’s also recommended you share the tickets in advance with everyone in your group going to the game.

This isn’t the end of a popular souvenir. The Packers say season ticket holders will receive commemorative paper tickets at the end of the season.

when will packers season tickets be mailed
when will packers season tickets be mailed

The Packers note the NFL has been moving towards mobile ticketing in recent years, most obviously at this year’s Super Bowl. The Milwaukee Bucks NBA team and Milwaukee Brewers MLB team have also moved to mobile-only ticketing. Lambeau Field also accelerated its move to cashless transactions at the stadium and grab-and-go concession stands during the pandemic.

Season ticket holders who don’t have a smartphone or an email address are asked to call or visit the Green Bay Packers ticket office for help.

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