when france defeated austria it acquired the country of

when france defeated austria it acquired the country of

when france defeated austria it acquired the country of

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When France defeated Austria it acquired what country?



The Congress of Paris was held in February 1856 after Russia’s defeat in the Crimean War. France, Austria, Piedmont, Turkey, Prussia, Russia and England came together at the congress to settle Europe’s diplomatic and geopolitical issues. Under the circumstances France, under Napoleon III (1808-1873), became an indispensable force of diplomacy, to such an extent that it was able to pressure the Austrian delegates into considering issues such as Italian unification.


However, a series of political crises during the 1860s – along with Prussia’s rise to political and economic power under King William I (1797-1888) and Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898: Foreign Minister and Confederal Chancellor of the North German Confederation from 1867) – weakened the French Empire considerably, which led to a border conflict between the two countries.


France acquired what country after defeating Austria?


When france defeated austria it aquired the country of?


Which country defeated France in 1763?


Which country usually celebrates new years first austria or france?


Which country is in between France and Austria?

Switzerland is between France and Austria and that would be the most accurate answer, although both Germany and Italy border France and Austria too.

What country is bordered by Switzerland Austria and France?

Two countries are bordered by Switzerland, Austria and France. They are: Germany and Italy.

Country that borders Switzerland and Germany?

France &amp; Austria

What is the nearest country to Italy?

Switzerland, Austria, France

What country borders switzerland?

Germany, France, austria

What country has the most ski resorts?

France and Austria.

What country did France and Germany fall out over?


What country borders Italy?

France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

What country shares borders with Poland and France?


What country are the Swiss alps in?

switzerland, Austria, italy, germany, france

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