when did amazon start selling more than just books

when did amazon start selling more than just books

when did amazon start selling more than just books

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On July 16, 1995, Amazon officially opens for business as an online bookseller. Within a month, the fledgling retailer had shipped books to all 50 U.S. states and to 45 countries. Founder Jeff Bezos’s motto was “get big fast,” and Seattle-based Amazon eventually morphed into an e-commerce colossus, selling everything from groceries to furniture to live ladybugs, and helping to revolutionize the way people shop.

Bezos earned an undergraduate degree in computer science and electrical engineering from Princeton University in 1986 then worked in the financial services industry in New York City. In 1994, after realizing the commercial potential of the Internet and determining that books might sell well online, he moved to Washington state and founded Amazon.

He initially dubbed the business Cadabra (as in abracadabra) but after someone misheard the name as “cadaver,” Bezos decided to call his startup Amazon, after the enormous river in South America, a moniker he believed wouldn’t box him into offering just one type of product or service.


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when did amazon start selling more than just books
when did amazon start selling more than just books

When did Amazon start and when was Amazon founded?

Amazon, or more correctly Amazon.com, was first incorporated by Jeff Bezos in July of 2005. At the time, he was a Wall Street hedge fund executive.

Amazon was originally to be called Cadabra (from Abracadabra). But Bezos’ lawyer advised him that the reference to magic might be a bit too obscure.

Also, when people heard the name on the phone, they all too often heard “Cadaver” instead — not ideal.

So, Bezos and his then-wife MacKenzie Tuttle started to register some domain names for their potential new venture.

Bezos soon registered the domain names Awake.com, Browse.com, and Bookmall.com. He also registered the domain name Relentless.com and kept it. In fact, if you type that into your browser today, you’ll be redirected to Amazon.com.

After scrolling through a dictionary for some inspiration, he hit on the word Amazon. Bezos thought this was particularly fitting as he envisaged his online store becoming the biggest in the world — much like the Amazon is one of the biggest rivers on the planet.

This is the philosophy behind why Amazon is commonly called the everything store today.

when did amazon start selling more than just books
when did amazon start selling more than just books

When did Amazon start selling things other than books?

As we have already seen, Amazon started out selling books online. This was groundbreaking for the time and very few companies were providing the level of convenience that Amazon.com had to offer.

But, when did it start selling other products?

After following Bezos’ initial business plan, the company expanded into selling computer games and music in 1998. At about the same time, Amazon also expanded its services internationally by purchasing other online bookstores in the UK and Germany.

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By the turn of the Millenium, Amazon had further expanded into selling consumer electronics, video games, software, home-improvement items, toys, games, and much more.

By the mid-2000s, Amazon had launched its Amazon Web Services (AWS). This innovation fitted well with Bezos’ initial ambition to make Amazon a tech company rather than an online retailer exclusively.

By 2006, Amazon expanded its AWS portfolio with its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). This was followed up by their Simple Storage Service (S3) soon after.

The company’s expansion into digital services like EC2 and S3 would boost the company’s revenues significantly. Today, they remain the bulk of the income for Amazon Web Services.

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