what does sebastian do to make the undertaker laugh

what does sebastian do to make the undertaker laugh

what does sebastian do to make the undertaker laugh

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In Black Butler, what is the extremely hilarious joke Sebastian told the Undertaker?

I’ve only seen the anime, and I know it wasn’t even known what the joke was. Sebastian told everyone to go outside, and that’s where we are looking the whole time. With Undertaker being a very funny guy, he appears to laugh at everything. Just look at what happened to Abberline. The man was just talking to Undertaker normally, until he burst into laughter.

Ciel: “What did you tell him?”

Abberline: “Nothing, I was just talking to him normally!”

Sebastian didn’t like that…AT ALL.

The most disturbing and downright DISGUSTING thing about Black Butler is that its fanbase consists of romance-obsessed fangirls (and guys) who are so desperate to force ships on every damn character in the show, that they interpret a full-grown man-devil thirsting for a 13-YEAR OLD BOY’S soul as him expressing lust towards the boy. He’s a DEMON, not a pedophile!!!! And yet, instant claims are made about the pair being a thing! I don’t have a problem with ships, in most cases, they are cute (prime example: Chuuya x Dazai from Bungou Stray Dogs).


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what does sebastian do to make the undertaker laugh
what does sebastian do to make the undertaker laugh

I do, however, have a problem with people trying to cram romance into every show and forcing two characters who have zero chemistry together. That’s not the case with Ciel (the child) and Sebastian (the demon lad). They have AMAZING chemistry, but their dynamic is more of a father/son one, in my opinion. Absolutely NOT a boyfriend/boyfriend dynamic. Sebastian is over 100 years old, even though he looks in his twenties, and Ciel…well, Ciel is but a tween. I don’t care that Black Butler is a show, under NO circumstances should people vouch for a sexual relationship between a male adult and a kid who’s balls probably haven’t even dropped yet! It’s preposterous.

Sebastian would be better off with Grell, because #1, he’s AROUND THE SAME AGE AS HIM, and #2, they have the best chemistry out of any other set of characters, besides Sebastian and Ciel. Grell has been a treacherous concept to Sebastian, as every time he’s in his presence, Sebastian doesn’t hesitate to show his resentment, but Chuuya and Dazai, who I briefly mentioned before, hate each other, and somehow they’re perfect for one another! If two characters who find the other loathsome can somehow end up dating (although not in canon), a character who loves someone, but that someone in turn finds them positively repulsive, can most definitely make things work and become a couple. SebaGrell is the superior ship, and there’s nothing anyone can say that will change my mind. STOP SHIPPING MEN AND BOYS.

Headcanon: How Sebastian Made Undertaker Laugh

We know that Sebastian asked everyone else to step outside and demanded that no one peek in. After a while, the whole funeral home shakes with Undertaker’s mirth. When Sebastian finally lets them come back inside, we see Undertaker still in a fit of laughter. He even says “I’ve seen paradise.” But, when asked about it by the earl, Sebastian says he didn’t really do much. The demon isn’t lying. So, what actually happened?

what does sebastian do to make the undertaker laugh
what does sebastian do to make the undertaker laugh

No… I don’t think he told the limerick about the woman from Kew….

What I do think: Sebastian stood there, telling lame jokes, but Undertaker started to laugh anyway and then just laughed more and more. Think of it from Undertaker’s POV for a moment. He’s a very strong reaper and already knows what Sebastian is. He sees that Sebastian must be under contract and is filling the role of a butler, a servant, to a child. Later, during the Campania arc, Undertaker says he always wanted to know why a demon had become a butler; that’s when he takes a nice long look at Sebastian’s cinematic records. So, back then, during the Jack the Ripper arc, Undertaker is becoming increasingly amused simply by the sight of a demon standing there, dressed as a butler, serving a child, and (desperately) telling lame jokes….

Anyone else have a good story for how Sebastian made Undertaker laugh that day?

I can get on board with this headcanon…but I still wonder what on earth Ciel did to make Undertaker laugh during the Circus arc…

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We know that it took all day long and that Ciel was disheveled and exhausted by the time he was finished.  He also only managed to get a small chuckle out of the mortician.  However, Undertaker admitted that he never thought the earl would ‘go that far’… I’m thinking that Ciel tried a bunch of random/lame jokes before finally pulling something out that he would only use if absolutely necessary, perhaps something embarrassing…

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