what does pre awa sexually oriented offender mean

what does pre awa sexually oriented offender mean

what does pre awa sexually oriented offender mean

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What Crimes Require Sex Offender Registration In Ohio?

We are frequently asked what crimes require mandatory sexual registration in Ohio. A simple search of one of the many online publications showing where sex offenders live, work, and go to school will show that the State of Ohio has a number of people who are required to register as sexual offenders. In fact, in 2017 Ohio has roughly 20,000 people on the sexual registry. Certain crimes require sex offender registration. In Ohio there are three tiers of classification for sex offenders. The most serious sex crimes are categorized under tier 3 registration which requires lifetime registry every 90 days. The lowest classification in Ohio is tier 1 registration which requires annual registration for 15 years. Tier 1 registration can be shorten to 10 years if certain conditions are met.


We outlined the crimes below that require sexual registration for each of the three tiers under Ohio criminal law.

what does pre awa sexually oriented offender mean
what does pre awa sexually oriented offender mean

Who is notified and how does the notification process work?

Not all registered sex offenders are subject to mandatory community notification. There are only two classifications of sex offenders that are subject to mandatory community notification; “Sexual Predators” and “Tier 3” sex offenders. When an offender registers their residential address, deputies verify the address. Once the address is verified, the Sheriff’s Department generates a community notification (mailing) to neighbors who live within a 1,000’ radius of the registered address. This notification provides specific information about the offender; including their registered address, a photo, physical description and identifiers, and conviction information.

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How are notifications handled in multi-unit buildings?

The state defines a multi-unit building as a building with more than 12 residential units that have entry doors that open directly into the unit from a hallway that is shared with one or more units. In this instance, a notice will be given to the building or condominium manager and the notice should be posted in each common entryway.

I just found out that a sex offender lives in my community and I wasn’t notified. Why not?

There are a few reasons this may occur:

  • Offender’s classification (see question 1)
  • You live outside of the 1,000’ radius
  • The offender was released from prison prior to the state law going into effect on July 1, 1997. Therefore does not have a duty to register as a sex offender.
what does pre awa sexually oriented offender mean
what does pre awa sexually oriented offender mean

How are offenders classified?

Under current Ohio Law, the Adam Walsh Act (AWA) offenders are classified on a tier level, based on their offense of conviction. Each qualifying offense is assigned a predetermined tier level; Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3. For example, an offender who is convicted of Rape is classified as a Tier 3 Sex Offender. Prior to the Adam Walsh Act, offenders were classified under “Megan’s Law”. Under Megan’s Law, offenders had a judicial hearing in court; the court (Judge) determined classification based on certain discretionary guidelines. Under Megan’s Law offenders were classified as Sexually Oriented Offender, Habitual Sex Offender, or Sexual Predator.


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