what does an anchor symbolize

what does an anchor symbolize

what does an anchor symbolize

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Anchor Symbol History

In ancient times, anchors were used to drown bad people. However, the anchor symbol started to gain popularity among sailors joining the navy, becoming a mark of victory over international navy fleets.

Among early Christians, the anchor was one of the most important symbols denoting their faith.

Many tombstones and epitaphs of catacombs during the 2nd and 3rd centuries were adorned with an anchor symbol to indicate that the buried had died “in Christ.” The symbol was employed as a testimony of the Christian belief in the promise of resurrection from the dead.

St. Clement of Rome was the martyr associated with the anchor symbol. He was tied to an anchor and drowned in the sea. Thus, the anchor became a symbol of security and hope for the oppressed.

During the period of the Roman persecution, Christians used the anchor as a way to express Christianity by tattooing the symbol or wearing jewelry with anchor motifs. The anchor was chosen as it holds a ship in place, denoting strength and security.


In ancient times, the Anchor was also regarded a symbol of safety and early Christians adopted it as a symbol of hope.

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In the New Testament, the epistle to the Hebrews links the idea of hope with the anchor symbol. As spoken by Saint Paul, Saint Peter, and various other early fathers of the Church: Christ was the Anchor, the unfailing hope of all believers.

what does an anchor symbolize
what does an anchor symbolize

Symbolism of the Anchor

The earliest known symbolic meanings of the anchor are safety and hope, however, here are also early coins with the anchor depicted to honor Neptune the Greek/Roman god of the sea.

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