what causes a fetal heartbeat to stop

what causes a fetal heartbeat to stop

what causes a fetal heartbeat to stop

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Why Does Fetal Heartbeat Stop Suddenly?

On the first ultrasound, the fetus will display a heartbeat; however, on consequent ultrasound, there no more heartbeat is seen, bringing about “miscarriage.” All the time, the purpose of this unsuccessful labor is never discovered except if there is a repeat of similar occurrences. The most normal reasons are mentioned below and why the fetal heartbeat stops suddenly.
For the initial nine weeks of pregnancy, the mother’s child is called an embryo, yet that will change on week ten when her little one hits fetus status. By this point, mother, as a rule, knows she’s expecting and may have even observed her infant on an ultrasound resembling a seed prepared to bloom. Numerous ladies favor the term pregnancy loss to miscarriage.

Pregnancy loss is generally average within the first week of pregnancy, and the threats consistently decrease as the pregnancy moves ahead. 
Remember that pregnancy symptoms move after some time. These changes don’t always flag a pregnancy loss. Any individual who accepts that they have lost a pregnancy, with or without bleeding, should look for medicinal consideration. The experience will, without a doubt, be draining both emotionally and physically when you won’t have the option to comprehend why the fetal heartbeat stops suddenly for baby, and everything else appears to be ok. An infant’s heart may quit beating suddenly, and it is more common than one accepts. It represents a large number of early premature deliveries.

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what causes a fetal heartbeat to stop
what causes a fetal heartbeat to stop

Why am I not able to sense something wrong even after the baby dies in the womb?

Even after the fetal heartbeat stops, the body may not be able to detect the pregnancy loss. As a result, the pregnancy hormones will continue to be produced and released by the placenta. All pregnancy signs are there and you are not aware of the loss.

Thus, during the first trimester’s early weeks, an expecting mother will continue to experience all the signs of pregnancy like nausea, morning sickness, tiredness, etc. Along with the “feeling of pregnancy,” the pregnancy test may also show positive.

Likewise, the first few weeks of the second trimester are too early to experience the baby kicks. Therefore, due to the lack of bleeding or pain, no wonder an expecting women likely to assume all is well.

As a result, other than detecting the lack of fetal heartbeat in an ultrasound scan, there is no way the mother should know she had a missed miscarriage.


How the scanning of the missed miscarriage looks?

If you scanned with a missed miscarriage, the scan picture generally shows a pregnancy sac with an embryo or fetus inside. However, there will be no heartbeat, and the fetus appears smaller than it should be at this stage.

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On the other hand, some scans show an empty pregnancy sac or no clear sac at all. This happens when either the embryo has not developed or stopped developing at a very early stage.

When the embryo that stopped developing, it will be more often reabsorbed by the body. That is why the scan shows the empty sac.

what causes a fetal heartbeat to stop
what causes a fetal heartbeat to stop

What Causes Fetal Heartbeat To Stop?

Reasons for fetal heartbeat stopping suddenly are not always detected. As already mentioned, it could be nature’s way of rejecting the unfitted ones. Some other reasons that could bring about the fetal heartbeat to stop suddenly are:

1. Chromosomal abnormality can bring about the fetal anomaly. An abnormal fetus fails to develop, and its heartbeat stops eventually as the pregnancy progresses

2. Blood clotting disorder of the mother creates clots in the veins of the placenta or umbilical cord. This blocks the nutrients and blood and oxygen towards the fetus, bringing about the fetal heartbeat to stop

3. Twisting of cord around the neck or knotted umbilical cord, hyper coiled or hypo coiled umbilical cord can be the reason for the fetal heartbeat to stop after 20th week of pregnancy

4. Low level of Progesterone hormone can stop the fetus’s growth and development, making the fetus heartbeat to stop

5. Infections of the mother, such as rubella, toxoplasmosis, TORCH, cytomegalovirus, parvovirus, etc., can bring about the stopping of the fetal heartbeat. Even though many infections may not potentially harm the mother, it might adversely affect the embryo during the early pregnancy stages

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Once you are tested positive for pregnancy, you will be experiencing pregnancy symptoms like fatigue, morning sickness, tenderness in the breast, and nausea.

However, once the fetal heartbeat stops, eventually, the intensity of these signs start to disappear. Some women reported experiencing brownish discharge as well.

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