what are the next letters? cd hi mn rs

what are the next letters? cd hi mn rs

what are the next letters? cd hi mn rs

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You see the above line or equation is called a Series Completion equation. You have to find the pattern . Over here after CD we see that it hops to HI that is it has skipped 3 letters that is EFG. Again after HI we see that it has skipped 3 letters that are JKL and has hopped to MN. Now after following the series we get WX.

first combination is CD

next HI i.e skipping EFG

and next is MN i.e skipping JKL

next is RS i.e skipping OPQ

in such case the next combination should be WX skipping TUV

so, the answer is WX

Now I just want to share how I saw the pattern:

CD (3,4) = 7

HI (8,9) = 17

MN (13,14) = 27

RS (18,19) = 37

According to that pattern, the next letters should equal 47.

WX (23,24) = 47

What are the next letters? CD HI MN RS

The correct answer should be “WX”. This is because they follow the pattern that occurs where we have 3 letters in between the next two letters. This doesn’t occur at the beginning however as we have only ab before CD, however at the end you are left only with the yz letters. The occurring pattern is ab CD efg HI jkl MN opq RS tuv WX yz

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what are the next letters? cd hi mn rs
what are the next letters? cd hi mn rs

Which two letters are nearest to the middle of the alphabet?


How far in miles is St. Paul MN to Hawaii?

The distance between St. Paul, MN and Honolulu, HI is 3972 miles (6392 km).

What are all the English words with MN silent letters?

damn hymn limn

What is mn equals 1 if m equals 1 and n equals 1?

When, in algebra, two letters are written next to each other as a term, such as m and n becoming mn, it means they are multiplied. So mn is a shorter way of writing “m times n” or “m x n”Therefore, when m = 1 and n = 1, mn = 1 x 1 = 1

How many miles between Duluth Mn and Bloomington MN?

164 miles. Use Google Maps to figure it out next time.

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How many miles is it from Minneapolis MN to Honolulu HI?

The actual mileage is 3966 miles (give or take).

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The weather next week will be partly sunny we may see patches of rain >?

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Minneapolis St Paul Intl, Minneapolis, MN (MSP) to Kahului Airport, Maui, HI (OGG) is about 3,910 miles (6,290 km).

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According to the US Census, the 2010 population for Rochester, Minnesota is 106,769.

what are the next letters? cd hi mn rs
what are the next letters? cd hi mn rs

Mn is what element?

Mn = Manganese Mn = Manganese

What is the greatest common factor of MN and MN?

The GCF is MN.

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