we like to drink with

we like to drink with

we like to drink with

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 drinking song:

We like to drink with (insert name) cause (name) is our mate! And when we drink with (name), he finishes in 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! (If at this point your target has not finished their drink, you sing the second part.) Why was he born so beautiful, why was he born at all? He’s no fucking use to anyone, he’s no fucking use at all! He’s a cunt he’s a cunt, he’s a C U N T cunt!

We Like to Drink With…

Main Piece:

Participant “Okay so when you want somebody to finish their drink quickly or like you just want them to get drunk…legally… we have this chant where it goes, um… ‘weeee like to drink with Amy cause Amy is our mate, and when we drink with Amy she gets it down in 8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1’ and then they have to finish it within that song”


The participant always sings this drinking song when her and her friends go out, everyone was unfamiliar with the song but quickly caught on. I asked her to explain it to the group.


The participant is originally from England and just recently moved to the United States as an international student. She is a second semester freshman at the University of Southern California in the Cinema and Media Studies Program. The drinking age in England is 18 and this is an extremely common song among the participant and her friends from home. She learned this song from her peers and it has become a fun song they always sing on their nights out.

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we like to drink with
we like to drink with


Drinking songs are popular all over the world and vary from place to place. They act as a sort of bonding mechanism and help to bring a party and group of people closer together. It also can act as a rite of passage. As a kid, you are not allowed to be included in all the songs until you reach a certain threshold at which point you are then allowed to participate.

Some best drinking songs

We’re always down to raise a glass during a great party bop, but there’s something special about killer drinking songs: the kind of tune that makes you stop what you’re doing and start swinging your glass with zero regard for the dryness of the floor.


The greatest songs about drinking aren’t limited to Irish folk music or weepy country/western ballads: from pop to punk, no genre is without a great ode to getting sloppy. In curating this list, we mostly skipped the songs that talk about booze’s dark side (we’ll leave the regrets – and Kendrick Lamar bangers — for the morning after). When the drinking songs on this list pop up, you’ll have no choice but to sing along and make a bad choice or two.

we like to drink with
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1. ‘Brass Monkey’ by Beastie Boys

It’s an obvious observation, but this song came out before the Internet. Which means that I – like tens of thousands of 12-year-olds in 1986, I would imagine – was unable to immediately figure out what the hell the B Boys were whine-shouting about. I’ll admit it: I thought the rap was about a monkey. Then, in high school, I learned from friends that a Brass Monkey was a sort of gutter mimosa – malt liquor and O.J. Gross. Then, in college, thanks to the World Wide Web, I discovered the source of that funk-skronk horn: Wild Sugar’s deep-disco cut, ‘Bring It Here.’ Rad. And they say friends are better than the Internet.

In one of the folk-punk outfits peppiest (or at least whistle-iest) hits, Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan spins a yarn about a dream he had (presumably not while sober) of walking hand in hand with Irish poet Brendan Behan and learning of an afterlife where the brown stuff flows in rivers. (There’s also talk of a 15-beer bender, because The Pouges are gonna Pogues). Forced to choose one Pogues song — this list could have been nothing but Pogues songs — it’s ‘Streams of Whiskey’ by a drinker’s nose.

3. ‘Gin & Juice’ by Snoop Dogg

This was the first rap song to provide high-school parties with a cocktail recipe right in the title. Well, juice can be expensive. But ‘Gin & Gatorade’ just doesn’t have the same mellifluousness. On a side note, when’s the last time you heard someone refer to weed as ‘indo’? 1994?

4. ‘White Lightning’ by George Jones

Beer and whiskey odes abound, but there aren’t too many moonshine songs. Just this one, really. Perhaps that’s because folks who drink methanol-laden Mountain Dew end up wearing overalls with one strap and having just as many teeth. Written by the Big Bopper, he of the Day the Music Died, ‘White Lightning’ took George Jones to No. 1 in 1959. Essentially, this was the ‘Sippin’ on Some Syrup’ of the Eisenhower era.
we like to drink with
we like to drink with

5. ‘Lilac Wine’ by Nina Simone

Originally penned in 1950 for a theater revue, ‘Lilac Wine’ has been covered by such greats as Eartha Kitt, Jeff Buckley and, er, Miley Cyrus. But only the High Priestess of Soul is able to give this moody ode to infatuation the drama and chill its lyrics and melody beg for. In her 1966 interpretation, her voice prowls around the song’s deliciously dark lyrics like a cat, and for the listener, intoxication is inevitable.
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