very early signs of pregnancy 1 week

very early signs of pregnancy 1 week

very early signs of pregnancy 1 week

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At 1 week pregnant—remember, at this early stage, the symptoms you’re experiencing are those typical to your period because you’re not actually pregnant. These symptoms may last from three to seven days and can include:

  • Vaginal bleeding. Your body is shedding the uterine lining, which was plumped up just in case of a pregnancy.
  • Lower back pain and cramps. To release that lining, your uterus contracts, causing your back and abdomen to ache.
  • Bloating. Fluctuating hormones can give you a bloated belly right before and during your period.
  • Mood swings. Those hormone surges can also cause irritability and wreak havoc on your emotions.
  • Headache. Many women complain of menstrual migraines, which are also hormone-related. (Surprise, surprise.) Ice packs, OTC pain relievers and relaxation exercises may help ease the pain.

Inside your 1 week belly (remember, you’re not actually pregnant at this point), your body is releasing last month’s uterine lining and starting to form a new one, which (with a bit of luck!) will hold next month’s fertilized egg.

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Cool fact: Human eggs are the largest cells in the body. An egg is smaller than a fleck of pepper. Your body will release one (or in rare cases, two) eggs somewhere between day 10 and day 19 of your menstrual cycle—or about 14 days before your next period is expected. It can be fertilized for about 12 to 24 hours after that. Having sex even before then is helpful, since sperm can live in your body for up to six days.

Can you feel symptoms 1 week after conception?

Conception, or fertilization, occurs when the ovary releases an egg (ovulation), and a sperm fertilizes it. This can happen about 14 days after the menstrual cycle starts, according to March of Dimes.

According to Planned Parenthood, implantation begins about 6–7 days after conception. This is when the fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus. This movement of the egg may break down blood vessels within the uterus wall, which may cause light bleeding and cramping.


Implantation bleeding is an early sign of pregnancy. It is not like a menstrual period. Instead, it is light bleeding that may involve a single spot of blood or a small amount of pink discharge. The spotting may last for a few hours, or it may last for a few days.


Women may also feel mild cramping as the embryo attaches to the uterus wall. Women may feel these cramps in the abdomen, pelvis, or low back area.

The cramping may feel like a pulling, tingling, or pricking sensation. Some women experience only a few minor cramps, while others may feel occasional discomfort that comes and goes over a few days.

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