this is a esa protected rom download is disabled

this is a esa protected rom download is disabled

this is a esa protected rom download is disabled

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What does “ESA protected” mean?

I went to my favorite ROM site the other day (ROM Hustler) and I noticed that many are no longer available to download because they are “ESA Protected”. What does that mean and why the sudden change?

The reason why the site was my favorite was because they had every version of every game for most systems (ex: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2) and from every region, as well as modded versions, kiosk versions, and beta versions.

Can someone recommend to me an alternative to ROM Hustler that doesn’t obey this “ESA Protection” and has the type of downloads I described above (I tried Emu Paradise, but they only offer ROMs in one version.)?


  • Chances are, the ESA (Entertainment and Software Association? I’m probably off on the “E”), found that site and acted like a hardass to force key roms off the site, mainly the big names like Mario, Zelda, whichever have protected from the ESA.

    If no roms are available now at that site, then the ESA went super hardass on the place and forced them to take everything down.


Are ROMs not protected by the ESA legal?

“ESA protection” means that the company that published the game is a member of the ESA.

The ESA actively pursues those who host illegal copies of member’s games.

Not being covered by the ESA does not mean that the ROM can be legally downloaded,

just that the ESA does not enforce copyright on that game. The company that published the game

(if still in business) can still enforce their copyright and sue both hosters and downloaders ofthe ROM image.

Where can you play Kirby 64 without downloading it?

There isn’t really any place that you could play it to my knowledge unless of course you found a ROM that wasn’t protected by the ESA.


What is NDS file?

A Nintendo DS ROM file.

Which of the following types of memory contain data that cannot be modified by the user?

Pick one: ROM, PROM, EPROM write-protected magnetic disk/tape, CD-ROM, DVD-R write-protected partition/file, other user’s or sysadmin’s file code-segment, read-only data-segment, other user’s or kernel’s code- or data-segment

Does ROM contains any type of file?

No. it does not.

What is the type of file system used in CD-ROM?

VFAT File system……… Virtual File Allocation Table.

Which file system does Windows 2000 support for the CD-ROM File System?

CDFS CD Rom File System is relatively simple format defined as the read only formatting standards for cdrom media.

How do you save a file on a CD ROM?

You can’t, a CD-ROM has already been authored and you can’t change the contents.

WinZip error internal error procesing iso image?

The winzip file is not to be open it goes hand in hand with the cue file if both the winzip file and the cue file are in the same folder then you can just open up cue file and the ROM will play but if separate the cue file ROM will not play

How do you put a SMW rom hack online?

Make it an IPS file, then upload it to a file hoasting site.

How do you get sprites from video games?

First, you need an emulator, then you need a ROM file for the game you want, boot up the ROM file and take screenshots of all the different sprites you need.

Can you use an existing saved file on a new GBA ROM?

Yes, you can use an existing save file on a new GBA ROM as long as they share the same title and are for the same game.

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