the undertaker’s daughter chasey calaway

the undertaker's daughter chasey calaway

the undertaker’s daughter chasey calaway

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Know Everything You Need To Know About The Undertaker’s Daughter With Sara Calaway – Chasey Calaway!

Chasey Calaway, the daughter of Mark William Calaway aka The Undertaker, was born on November 21, 2002. and Chasey is the eldest daughter of the Undertaker. Chasey was with his ex-wife Sara Calaway, thanks to the Undertaker.

Gracie Calaway, Chasey’s younger sister, is a beautiful young lady. Chasey also has an older half-brother, Gunner Vincent Calaway, who is The Undertaker’s kid with ex-wife Jodi Lynn. Kaia Faith Calaway, the younger half-sister of The Undertaker and his wife Michelle McCool, is her younger half-sister.

The only reason why Gracie is on fame is that she is the daughter of The Undertaker. Moreover, her mother is also a part of the WWE universe. Her mother was a former WWE Valet. Gracie is still young and is living happily with her parents and siblings.

Name Gracie Calaway
Birthday 2005
Age 15
Gender Female
Twitter @CalawayGracie
the undertaker's daughter chasey calaway
the undertaker’s daughter chasey calaway

Parents Relationship of Chasey Calaway

Chasey Calaway’s parents, The Undertaker and Sara Calaway met for the first time at WWE in 1996 in an autograph session in San Diego, California and started dating soon after that.

Sara Calaway and The Undertaker got married on July 21, 2000. They both have two beautiful daughters.


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Chasey Calaway, The Undertaker’s Daughter, Is Taking a Break From Social Media

She hasn’t updated the feeds of her social media sites in a long time. Chasey, who is 15 years old, used to post weird things on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, but it’s been almost four years since she last did so. She has rarely submitted her photos in the past, preferring to post pictures of her pet frog or cat and occasionally asking for ratings. She did, however, upload her images and videos on occasion. In addition, based on one video, we can see that The Undertaker’s daughter Chasey Calaway has a lovely voice.

Many admirers of Casey Calaway’s father frequently commented on her social media posts, inquiring whether she is the daughter of WWE superstar The Undertaker. When we compare photos of The Undertaker and his daughter Chasey, we can see that they have a similar look.

the undertaker's daughter chasey calaway
the undertaker’s daughter chasey calaway

Chasey Calaway is a father’s daughter

Chasey Calaway is a father’s daughter who adores him. The Undertaker is a fictional character. It’s no surprise that every daughter has a special spot in her heart for her father, and Chasey is no exception. She used to post about her father, The Undertaker, when she was on Twitter. We can tell how much love and respect the lovely Chasey has for him by looking at some of his tweets.

Brock Lesnar was hospitalized after his victory over The Undertaker at WWE WrestleMania 30 in 2014. Brock had cheated, according to Chasey, who had tweeted about it. also Chasey shared a sweet status after The Undertaker was released from the hospital, praising her father once more.

Chasey Calaway is a name with a meaning.

Chasey is a name derived from the word chase. It’s a surname that meaning “dweller at the hunting site” and is largely used in England.

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Chasey Calaway’s Parent’s Net worth

Father of Chasey Calaway, The Undertaker whose real name is Mark William Calaway. He is one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time and his current net worth is $17 million.

Mark William started his career in 1987, working under various gimmicks for World Class Championship Wrestling and other affiliated promotion and in 1990, he becomes a member of WWE.

He is one of the senior and prominent wrestlers in WWE. In 1996, he signs up to World Championship Wrestling as “Mean Mark Callous”, but later changed his name again to “The  Undertaker”.

From that day, he never had to look back and Undertaker is ranked 8th on the list of richest wrestlers of all time.

Not only that, but The Undertaker is also seven-time world champion (four-time for WWE Champion and three-time for World Heavyweight Champion) for WWE pro-wrestling.

He is also a winner of 2007 Royal Rumble and holds a record of the first-ever Royal Rumble winner. He also holds a record of the highest wrestle-mania wins so far.

the undertaker's daughter chasey calaway
the undertaker’s daughter chasey calaway

Sibling of Chasey Calaway

Chasey Calaway has a beautiful sibling sister Gracie Calaway, who was born in 2005 to The Undertaker and Sara Calaway.

Two Half Siblings of Chasey Calaway

Chasey Calaway also has two half-siblings, Kaia Faith Calaway and Gunner Vincent Calaway.

Kaia Faith Calaway is a daughter of The Undertaker and his wife Michelle McCool and, born in August 2012 and is 7 years old as of 2020.

Likewise, Gunner Vincent  Calaway her elder brother and The Undertaker’s only son with his ex-wife Jodi Lyan in 1993.

Her brother Gunner is a YouTuber and a famous gamer who is currently 27 years old.

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10 Facts About Gracie Calaway

1- Gracie Calaway’s age is 15 years old as she was born in 2005. However, the exact date and month of her birthday are still in the dark and under review.

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2-  There is no information about Gracie Calaway on Wikipedia as she has not done any remarkable works of her own. Moreover, she is only famous as the daughter of The Undertaker.

3- Mark William Calaway and Sara Frank Calaway are the parents of Gracie Calaway. Both her parents have engaged and worked with the WWE Universe.

4- There is no information about the net worth of Gracie Calaway as she is very young to be working by herself and earning her own money. She is just enjoying the facilities and accommodations provided by her parents.

the undertaker's daughter chasey calawaythe undertaker's daughter chasey calaway
the undertaker’s daughter chasey calaway

5- Gracie Calaway is The Undertaker’s daughter who has not revealed any of her personal information to the media, which keeps her height and weight unknown as well.

6- Her parents are very much hesitant about giving her personal identity to the media or the internet. Moreover, they also hide her face with stickers in any of the photos she is seen.

7- Gracie is the daughter of the second wife of Undertaker. Undertaker has been married to three different women. Moreover, Gracie Calaway also has 3 siblings named Kaia Faith Calaway, Gunner Vincent Calaway, and Chasey Calaway.

8- Gracie Calaway is not active on Instagram as her parents do not want to bring her into the media’s sight. However, Gracie Calaway is active on Twitter as @ClawayGracie.

9- She has shared 532 posts on Twitter and has 425 followers. Moreover, she joined Twitter in April 2013.

10- There is not much information about Gracie Calaway on the Internet. However, she may as well become a celebrity like her parents.



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