the parties have to depend largely on for their campaign funding

the parties have to depend largely on for their campaign funding

the parties have to depend largely on for their campaign funding

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The parties have to depend largely on ___ for their campaign funding.

The answer is private donations. It is because this is the main thing that can help them from their camping funding and they are mainly from the people who has the capability or will of donating in helping or supporting these parties.

Political parties are somewhat limited in how much money they can accept and from whom. Donations from individuals are allowed at any amount and from anyone. The backing of very wealthy people can help bolster the campaign funding of a political candidate. Some candidates can raise a lot of money during small individual donations such as Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election.



1. Why Do Political Parties Form?

What fundamental problems do political parties help politicians and voters overcome?

  • Political parties are institutions that seek to control the government through the winning of offices; whereas interest groups are “benefit seekers” looking for policy gains, parties tend to be composed of office seekers.
  • Parties organize to facilitate collective action in the electoral process; indeed, the shape of party organization itself reflects this electoral motivation as party organizational units mirror district or geographical units where elections are held. For voters, parties lower information costs by providing a “brand name” that conveys important information about the candidates running under the party label.
  • Parties form lasting coalitions within government designed to induce cooperation and to resolve the problems associated with collective choice in the policy-making process.
  • Parties also regulate the career advancement of ambitious officeholders and help resolve the potential problems of competition between ambitious party members.
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2. What Functions Do Parties Perform?

Once formed, what are the essential functions that political parties perform in American democracy and governance?

  • Political parties recruit candidates for the thousands of races at the national, state, and local levels.
  • Parties also nominate candidates to be their standard bearers for each race. Although nominations are sometimes made in party conventions, the dominant means of nominating candidates is by primary elections, which can be either closed primaries (that is, restricted only to party members) or open primaries (where voters declare their party affiliation on the day of the primary).


  • Parties conduct voter registration drives and mobilization efforts on Election Day in order to counter the free-rider problem and to increase voter participation.
  • By promoting party identification in the electorate, parties facilitate mass electoral choice; even when party identification fails to persuade voters, by providing voters with a “brand name” parties lower the information costs potential voters encounter in making electoral choices.
  • In addition to their many roles in elections, parties also influence the national government.

    • In attempting to make their party a “big tent,” party leaders often advance policies to build coalitions and to broaden the party’s appeal to new constituencies; there is, however, a tension between these coalition-building efforts and the need for the parties to present distinct alternative to voters and to satisfy their most partisan “base” constituencies.
    • Congressional organization depends heavily on party; the majority party leads each chamber and dominates the committee system.
    • The president is often seen as the leader of his or her party, but some presidents are better, more engaged party leaders than others.
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