the number of pi bonds in the oxalate ion (c2o42 ) is

the number of pi bonds in the oxalate ion (c2o42 ) is

the number of pi bonds in the oxalate ion (c2o42 ) is

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How many pi bonds are in the oxalate ion (C2O42-)?

there are 13

Lewis Structure for C2O42- | Oxalate ion

Lewis structure of oxalate ion is drawn in this tutorial step by step. Total valence electrons concept is used to draw the lewis structure of C2O42-. After finishing the lewis structure of C2O42-, there should be a -2 charge and a stability. You will learn about these things in this tutorial.

Oxalate ion | C2O42-

Carbonate ion has a -2 charge. There are two carbon atoms in the oxalate ion.

C2O42- Lewis structure

oxalate ion (c2o42 )
oxalate ion (c2o42 )

Two carbon atoms are joint to one carbon atom. As like that, other two oxygen atoms has joint to other carbon. In the lewis structure of C2O42- ion, ion is symmetrical around the C-C bond.


Steps of drawing lewis structure of C2O42-

Following steps are required to draw the C2O42- lewis structure and they are explained in detail in this tutorial.

  1. Find total number of electrons of the valance shells of carbon and oxygen atoms. This is used to determine the number of bonds, lone pairs around atoms.
  2. Total electrons pairs around atoms
  3. Center atom selection according to the maximum valence
  4. Put lone pairs on atoms
  5. Check the stability and minimize charges on atoms to build the most stable structure by converting lone pairs to bonds.
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Like these steps, following facts are important to draw the lewis structure.

the number of pi bonds in the oxalate ion (c2o42 ) is
the number of pi bonds in the oxalate ion (c2o42 ) is

Oxygen should hold negative charges in the lewis structure because oxygen likes to keep electrons than carbon atom.

Electronegativity of oxygen is higher than carbon.


Drawing correct lewis structure is important to draw resonance structures of CO32- correctly.

Total number of electrons of the valance shells of C2O42-

Carbon is located in group 4 in the periodic table. So, carbon has four electrons in its valence shell. Oxygen is located at 6th group. It has six electrons in valence shell.


  • Total valence electrons given by carbon atom = 4 * 2 = 8


There are four oxygen atoms in C2O42- ion, Therefore

  • Total valence electrons given by oxygen atoms = 6 *4 = 24


There are -2 charge on C2O42- ion. Therefore there are two more electrons which contribute to the valence electrons.


  • Total valence electrons = 8 + 24 + 2 = 34
the number of pi bonds in the oxalate ion (c2o42 ) is
the number of pi bonds in the oxalate ion (c2o42 ) is

Total valence electrons pairs:

 σ bonds + π bonds + lone pairs at valence shells = Total valance electrons pairs

Total electron pairs are determined by dividing the number total valence electrons by two. For, C2O42- ion, Total pairs of electrons are 17.

Center atom of C2O42- ion

To be the center atom, ability of having higher valance is important. Carbon has the more chance to be the center atom (See the figure) because carbon can show valance of 4. Oxygen’s highest valence is 2. So, now we can build a sketch of C2O42- ion.

Lone pairs on atoms

  • There are four C-O bonds and one C-C bond in the above sketch making five bonds. Therefore only twelve (17-5 = 12) valence electrons pairs are remaining.
  • First, mark those twelve valence electrons pairs as lone pairs in outside atoms (on oxygen atoms). One oxygen atom will take three lone pairs following the octal rule (oxygen atom cannot keep more than eight electrons in its valence shell).
  • For four oxygen atoms, twelve electrons pairs are spent. Now, there is no more lone pairs to mark on carbon atoms after marking lone pairs on oxygen atoms (outside atoms).
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What ion is C2O42?

Oxalate ion

What is the chemical formula of oxalate ion?


How many sigma bonds are there in a Potassium Oxalate?

There are 5 sigma bonds along with 2 pi bonds in oxalate ion and 2 ionic bonds with potassium.

What can be the viva questions on oxalate ions?

Oxalates are salts of oxalic acid containing oxalate ion. Oxalate ion is a dianion. Upon protonation, oxalate ion forms a commonly known compound, oxalic acid. The commonly known oxalate salts are sodium oxalate, potassium oxalate etc. The calcium metal ion reacts with oxalate ion to form an insoluble precipitate of calcium oxalate, which is the primary constituent of most of the common kind of Kidney stones.

Presence of oxalate ion in guava?

presence of oxalate ion is high in guava about 60 percentage of guava contains oxalate ions ,oxalate ions present in guava increases with ripening..

What is the charge on an oxalate ion?


What is the ion for oxalate?

Formula: C2O4-2

oxalate ion (c2o42 )
oxalate ion (c2o42 )

How To determine oxalate ion in guava fruit?

in chemistry

How many resonance structures does the oxalate ion have?

It has 4.

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