tequila rose percentage

tequila rose percentage

tequila rose percentage

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Tequila rose is a smooth strawberry cream with an exotic tequila thrill. It tastes so good you won’t need any mixers. Try it straight up. 15% abv tequila rose flirts with the line between naughty and nice. This chilled single-pour shot is guaranteed to be a good time anytime. Whether it’s night or day staying in or going out the smooth easy taste and festive pink color of tequila rose is always a recipe for fun. Just ask the ever-feminine but fierce icon rose life is short enjoy the roses.


What Percentage Is Tequila Rose?

Using Strawberry Cream Liqueur and Tequila to create this passionate cocktail. The alcohol content is 15%.
tequila rose percentage
tequila rose percentage

What Alcohol Is Tequila Rose?

Mexican cream liqueur Tequila Rose is made from tequila. A strawberry cream liqueur and tequila are mixed together in this cocktail. There is only a hint of tequila in the liqueur, and it primarily gives it a spirit flavor. In fact, tequila-based liqueurs often taste like strawberry milkshakes because of the strawberry and cream flavors that dominate.

What’s The Proof Of Tequila Rose?

Category Liqueurs & Cordials
Region United States, Missouri
Brand Tequila Rose
Alcohol/vol 15%
Proof 30.00
Tequila Rose is a unique blend of strawberry flavored cream liqueur with a splash of premium Mexican Tequila. The tequila is very subtle and really only gives a spirit flavor to the liqueur. Tequila Rose is made from real dairy cream, which is what gives Tequila Rose it’s rich strawberry flavor. This superb cream liqueur has taken the world by storm and is now the 5th biggest cream liqueur globally. This drink is perfect served chilled straight, over ice or in a number of delicious unique cocktails. The strawberry and cream flavors are predominate and this tastes more like a strawberry milkshake than a tequila based liqueur.
tequila rose percentage
tequila rose percentage

Does Tequila Rose Give You A Hangover?

There is an interest in blanco tequila, because it has the least hangover potential of any tequila. It is because they stick to pure agave spirits that they are able to do that. It’s okay to drink soda and stay hydrated. You won’t be hungover. As long as you stay hydrated and don’t drink a whole bottle, you’ll be fine.


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