“calculate the ph of pepsi cola if the concentration of the h3o+ ion in this solution is 0.00347 m.”

“calculate the ph of pepsi cola if the concentration of the h3o+ ion in this solution is 0.00347 m.”

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calculate the ph of pepsi cola if the concentration of the h3o+ ion in this solution is 0.00347 m


pH = – log [H3O+]

pH = – log (0.00347) = 2.46

What’s the pH of Coke?

pH refers to concentration of H+ .If we tell someone to compare the acidity between Lemon and Coca-Cola then he will definitely tell that lemon would be more acids but in reality coca-cola is more acidic ( Lemon has pH 2.5 where as coca-cola pH 2.3) .The acidity of coca-cola because of high phosphoric acid present in it.

pH of coca cola is 2.5. This means coca cola is acidic. It was tested with a pH meter. Coca cola contains phosphoric acid. Consider not drinking too much coca-cola in a short space of time. Recommend drinking water in between the coca cola drinks.


"calculate the ph of pepsi cola if the concentration of the h3o+ ion in this solution is 0.00347 m."
“calculate the ph of pepsi cola if the concentration of the h3o+ ion in this solution is 0.00347 m.”

Above pH 7, you’re getting into alkaline range. I think coffee and teas tend to be in this range. Adding lemon to tea can balance pH. The human palate tends to prefer more acidic foods & drinks.

Lemonade, orange juice, whiskey sours, etc… are all well below 7 in the acid range. It’s just what ppl prefer also what is marketable.

It is an acid and a fairly strong one at that.

Anything below pH 7 is acid, anything above is a base. 7 is neutral.

The acid in Coca Cola is not just dissolved carbon dioxide or carbonic acid, which is a very weak acid. It is also phosphoric acid which is much stronger and some citric acid.

There are a lot of derivatives of this question out there, most of the answers are based upon fear or suspicion vs facts and peer reviewed scientific study.

You can take my word for it, but I suggest using the below as a starting point to research on your own.

First, a little background. There are two zero calorie cokes – Diet Coke and Coke Zero sugar. Diet Coke is sweetened with Aspartame,

and tastes like sweet-acidic brown water. It is made offend no one. Coke zero sugar is sweetened with aspartame and ace-k (Acesulfame potassium)

and tastes exactly like coke, but doesn’t leave a sugar slick behind.

ph of pepsi
ph of pepsi

The top studied consumed chemicals on the planet are caffeine, alcohol, aspartame, and nicotine (probably in that order, but maybe

nicotine and aspartame should be flipped flopped). With the exception of those who have the genetic metabolic disorder PKU

(its a long word, and I don’t remember how to spell it), which effects about 0.01% of the population, there is no evidence that aspartame creates

any negative health impact or insulin surge. Ace-K is a little newer on the scene, and doesn’t have as much study. Some research indicates massive

quantities can create an insulin surge, but please note, unless you are drinking kegs per day, you couldn’t possibly approach those levels

(ace-K is about 200xs sweeter than sugar, so a little goes a long way). It would be fair to say the long term impact is uncertain ace-K,

but aspartame has no negative health impact on most people.

The flavor components of Diet Coke, Coke Zero Sugar, and regular Coke are all about the same (citrus oils, spices, kola extract,…),

but tweaked in different concentrations. There isn’t enough difference to change anything but taste. All have about the same level of acidity, caffeine, and preservatives.

A 12 oz can of regular Coke has 39 gr of sugar, or about 3 tablespoons. That is about what the American Heart Association recommends as a maximum for adult males (for women, the max is about 25 grams). From the AHA: Excess sugar consumption has been associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, tooth decay, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and a lot more.

ph of pepsi
ph of pepsi

That looks like fun. Non-nutrition based sugar consumption will kill you, and it will be an unpleasant, and probably long and painful death.

Your best bet is to drink something that has low sweetener content and some nutrition (such as tea sweetened with a touch of honey and lemon, black coffee, or water), but if the highlight of your day is a soft drink with lunch or dinner, diet coke is the lowest risk (although I’m not a fan), with Coke Zero Sugar close behind (a bit of uncertainty with the ace-K). A regular Coke should not be a dietary staple, unless you either consume no other sugar, or desire to keep pharmaceutical companies profitable.

Most importantly, look up the research on your own. Go through reputable sources (such as the AHA, AMA, Harvard Review, Johns Hopkins and other research based universities), and look for studies with controlled data, not just empirical data crunching (it should identify and weed out genetic, behavioral, and environmental factors, and study large groups of humans for prolonged periods). I’m not a genius, but there are people who sound very credible and like to spread misinformation, or are paranoid and latch onto early theories without further study.