38 weeks pregnant symptoms not to ignore

38 weeks pregnant symptoms not to ignore

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38 weeks pregnant symptoms not to ignore

In this pregnancy week, you’re probably hoping to go into labor.

If you have any of these symptoms, however, it’s important to seek immediate medical assistance:

  • Headache with visual disturbances
  • Constant pain in abdomen or anywhere else
  • Really sudden swelling in your legs, ankles, hands, feet and face
  • Mid sternum chest pain
  • You feel like your baby is not moving or has reduced movement
  • You have vaginal bleeding
  • Your water breaking
  • Your water breaks. Yellow-green indicates meconium might be in the amniotic fluid.
38 weeks pregnant symptoms not to ignore
38 weeks pregnant symptoms not to ignore

Contact your healthcare provider or doctor right away if you have any of the above symptoms at 38 weeks pregnant.


38 weeks pregnant pelvic pain and pressure

During pregnancy, your body produces a hormone called relaxin. As the name suggests, this hormone allows your ligaments and muscles to stretch during pregnancy.

Thanks to relaxin and the weight of your baby, you might experience ligament, pelvic and hip pain. You might also feel pressure when your baby engages; this causes the infamous pregnancy waddle.

As the baby moves down and the head engages, the pressure at the front of your symphysis pubis can cause it to separate a little bit. This causes symphis pubic dysfunction and these twinges can be really uncomfortable and debilitating for some women.

Here are some ways to manage the discomfort:

  • Wear a quality support garment to keep everything held together. It might also help with the pressure in your hips
  • See a chiropractor, for alignment
  • Acupuncture, for pain relief and nerve release
  • Physiotherapy or yoga, for pain relief
  • Massage is always beneficial for relaxation, and to prevent anxiety
  • Rest with a pillow in between your legs or knees to support your hips and belly
  • Simple pain relief, such as heat or ice packs.

Please see your doctor or care provider if hip and pelvic pain is a concern for you.

38 weeks pregnant symptoms not to ignore
38 weeks pregnant symptoms not to ignore

Pressing questions when pregnant at 38 weeks

38 weeks pregnant is how many months?

It’s round about 9 months. Almost there!

Is it common to go into labor at 38 weeks? How likely is it to give birth at 38 weeks?

More likely than you might think. The data experts at the National Center for Health Statistics tell us that over a quarter (26%) of births happen at 37 weeks or 38 weeks.

What are labor signs at 38 weeks?

Signs that your baby is getting ready to head on out include: diarrhea and nausea; bloody show (your cervix dilating and causing blood-streaked mucus); longer, more powerful contractions; and your water breaking.

Also, if you experience what feels like 38 weeks pregnant period pains (ah, periods – remember them?) or cramps in your belly and lower back, these can be another sign that labor isn’t far away.