30 weeks pregnant symptoms not to ignore

30 weeks pregnant symptoms not to ignore

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Week 30 – your 3rd trimester

You’re three-quarters of the way there now!

You might already feel like you’re ready to drop, but you and your baby have some more growing to do over the next few weeks.

What’s happening in my body?

You may be having trouble sleeping and then when you do, you may be having disturbing dreams. Try to remember these dreams are not real. They are fuelled by your hormones and the anxiety that you’re probably feeling about the big changes ahead. Talking about your dreams will help you put everything into perspective. If you are feeling under stress, talk to your midwife or doctor.


30 weeks pregnant symptoms not to ignore
30 weeks pregnant symptoms not to ignore

3rd trimester pregnancy symptoms (at 30 weeks)

It’s probably more of an effort now to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath – that’s because your baby is pushing against your lungs.

Your signs of pregnancy could also include:

  • sleeping problems
  • stretch marks
  • swollen and bleeding gums
  • pains on the side of your baby bump, caused by your expanding womb (“round ligament pains”)
  • piles
  • headaches
  • backache
  • indigestion and heartburn
  • bloating and constipation
  • leg cramps
  • feeling hot
  • dizziness
  • swollen hands and feet
  • urine infections
  • vaginal infections
  • darkened skin on your face or brown patches – this is known as chloasma or the “mask of pregnancy
  • greasier, spotty skin
  • thicker and shinier hair

You may also experience symptoms from earlier weeks, such as:

  • mood swings morning sickness
  • weird pregnancy cravings
  • a heightened sense of smell
  • sore or leaky breasts  – a white milky pregnancy discharge from your vagina and light spotting
30 weeks pregnant symptoms not to ignore
30 weeks pregnant symptoms not to ignore

What are signs and more serious symptoms not to ignore?

Discomfort is par for the course as you near the end of your pregnancy. But it’s important to know the difference between those normal third trimester woes and signs of potential complications, including preeclampsia, eclampsia, HELLP and complications related to heart conditions. The big late pregnancy warning signs to watch out for are:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Vaginal leaking of amniotic fluid
  • Significant increase in vaginal discharge
  • Sudden or severe swelling in your face, hands or fingers
  • A severe headache or one that doesn’t go away
  • Pain or cramping in your lower abdomen or severe back pain
  • Pain or burning when you urinate or decreased urine output
  • Chills or a fever
  • Vomiting or nausea that won’t go away
  • Dizziness or blurred vision
  • A sudden decrease in your baby’s movement