3 months pregnant negative pregnancy test

3 months pregnant negative pregnancy test

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Can I be pregnant and still test negative?

Modern HPTs are reliable, but, while false positives are extremely rare, false negative pregnancy tests happen all the time, especially in the first few weeks – and even if you’re already experiencing early symptoms. If you have a negative pregnancy test but you feel pregnant, there are lots of explanations.

Most false negatives happen because women test too early. HPTs detect hCG, a hormone that your body produces after a fertilized egg implants in your uterine wall and the placenta starts to form. HCG levels rise exponentially during early pregnancy—the level in your urine should double every 2-3 days—but that does mean that the levels at the beginning are often too low for the test to detect.

You might also have a negative pregnancy test but still be pregnant because your cycle was irregular and you didn’t ovulate when you thought you did. As few as 13% of women have a regular 28-day cycle and implantation, which triggers hCG production, can happen between 6 and 12 days after ovulation. Illness, stress, travel, breastfeeding, or coming off birth control can all mess with your cycle.

3 months pregnant negative pregnancy test
3 months pregnant negative pregnancy test

Even if you’re 100% sure of your dates, make sure that you:

  • Use the test first thing in the morning, because your first urine of the day has the highest concentration of hCG.
  • Wait for as long as you can before you use the test. Even with highly sensitive tests, it’s better to wait until your period is actually late.
  • Read the test when the instructions tell you. That line needs time to appear, but waiting too long gives time for an “evaporation line,” which can look like a positive result, to develop.
  • Store your pregnancy tests at the right temperature and use them before they expire.

Reasons for a Negative Pregnancy Test