how long does it take to die from hanging

how long does it take to die from hanging

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hanging as a method of suicide

That’s because the main principal of death by hanging is a lack of oxygen getting to your brain. You may break your neck, you may get knocked out from the sheer force, but as long as the noose is sturdy enough, It’ll take roughly 4 minutes.

It’s because your body needs oxygen all over. Your lungs bring it in from the air and attach it to your blood, then your blood goes through your heart, then up to your brain to oxygenate there, then down through the rest of your body to keep it all working. It takes about 1 minute to make that trip.


So, if you can’t breathe, after 1 minute your blood has made it back to the lungs, but there’s way less oxygen to absorb. This is where your body starts to panic. You’ll start to shake uncontrollably, as the body is trying to get oxygen from anywhere (unless you’ve been training. the best in the world can go up to around 18 minutes.)

After that is when your body goes extreme. All of the cells in your body are in panic because they all know this can kill them. Time will seem to slow down, as your body goes through some of the most intense feelings it’s ever had. This is why some people perform autoerotic asphyxiation, or choking yourself while having an orgasm. I wouldn’t recommend that, though, because it is also a high cause of suicides.

how long does it take to die from hanging
how long does it take to die from hanging

After your body is panicked, it starts to die. Your body will break down in stages, first your limbs, then your skin, then your organs, and last your heart and brain. At around 3 minutes or so, you’ll begin to get brain damage, which, if you get out of this, you will probably never recover from. If you hang yourself, you are going to feel worse then you could ever imagine, and your whole body is going to scream at you with all the pain you’re in. You’re going to wish that you hadn’t done this to yourself, and you’re going to feel like you did the worst thing you possibly could have.

Then you pass out. Some people say you get a rush of the drug DMT, where 5 minutes can feel like hours, of an insane set of full body hallucinations, but there is no real proof of exactly how it works naturally, because the majority of people who have had it died immediately after.

After that, you will feel nothing, ever again. It’ll be like an endless dreamless sleep with absolutely no purpose. You’ll make the vast majority of people who ever knew you feel terrible, and miss you like crazy.

If you’re thinking about it, trust me, don’t do it, and give your problems more time to work out. Down the road, you’ll be very glad you didn’t do it.

case of suicide and hanging:

Depends on the method. I once watched a documentary about a 20 year old young man who had been arrested for stealing a loaf of bread in Russia. This wasn’t a hundred years ago. This was post 2000 in the 21st century!

There was a rule at the time (not sure if it’s still there) that it’s 3 strikes and you’re out. This guy had committed 2 crimes before and was warned that if he committed another crime, any crime, then it was the death penalty.

He couldn’t get a job and had no money. He was starving and panicked in a market, grabbing a loaf of bread which he immediately devoured. They caught him and sentenced him to death.

The documentary was done in a reality TV style. The camera man followed this young man into a room with a trapdoor in ceiling. The young man stepped below this trapdoor and it opened and down fell a noose. Once that was around his neck they shacked his ankles to the floor. The guy was crying and promised to never eat again. He was sorry he ate.

A pneumatic machine pulled up suddenly, snapping his neck and killing him instantly. They filmed all of this without warning. It was so surreal because everyone just behaved like this was no different to buying a bottle of milk. There was no emotion at all. It was all matter of fact.

how long does it take to die from hanging
how long does it take to die from hanging

Compare this to the story of a woman that was hung in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1721. They hung her and threw her body on a cart with a load of other bodies that had been hung that day. The roads in Edinburgh were all cobbled at the time making them extremely bumpy. As the cart bumped down the road to the nearest mass grave this motion somehow revived the woman. She was pronounced alive upon arrival at the cemetery.

At the time the rule was that if you had been hung till you were dead but later lived, that meant you had served your punishment and would be set free. So that’s what they did.

So, there was more justice in medieval Scotland than there is in modern Russia, cause at least after they “killed” you, you still had a 1 in a million chance of survival. In Russia if that young man had survived, they would have just hung him again. He should have never dared to eat.