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What is the correct spelling for SUSSESSION?

This word (Sussession) may be misspelled. Below you can find the suggested words which we believe are the correct spellings for what you were searching for. If you click on the links, you can find more information about these words.


Possible correct spellings for sussession

  • possession: Was there any way in which he could have come into possession of it before she did?
  • secession: It is said that the admission of West Virginia is secession, and tolerated only because it is our secession.
  • session: The government had decided to have a short session, pass a few necessary measures and then appeal to the country.
  • succession: But his rights were set aside when Maria had a son named Alexius, who was in the direct line of male succession.
  • suggestion: Thank you for your suggestion.

What is sussession primary and secondary mean?

it means hot dog stand from erky and perky


Succession is the act or process of following in order or sequence. It may further refer to:

  • Order of succession, in politics, the ascension to power by one ruler, official, or monarch after the death, resignation, or removal from office of another, usually in a clearly defined order
  • Succession planning, in organizations, identifying and developing individuals to succeed to senior positions in government, business, organizations, etc.
  • Simultaneity succession, in music, is a chord or harmonic progression, or more generally a series of different groups of pitches, the pitches in each group being played simultaneously
  • Ecological succession, the series of changes in an ecological community that occur over time after a disturbance. It can be:
  • Primary succession, when there is a new substrate with no existing vegetation, as after a volcanic lava flow, or
  • Secondary succession, when the substrate has sustained vegetation, as after a fire or flood
  • Succession of states, in international relations, is the process of recognition and acceptance of a newly created state by other states, based on a perceived historical relationship the new state has with a prior state
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  • Apostolic succession, the doctrine, held by some Christian denominations, that bishops are the successors of the original Twelve Apostles, inheriting their spiritual, ecclesiastical and sacramental authority, power, and responsibility
  • succession of property, or inheritance, in law, is the passage of an individual’s property to one or more dependants according to a formula set out in law, religion, custom or under the terms of a trust
  • Succession (conflict), inheritance when more than one jurisdiction involved and there may be a conflict of law
  • Succession (geology), in geology, a group of rocks or strata that succeed one another in chronological order
  • Succession (30 Rock), an episode of 30 Rock



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