sharp pains in cervix sign of labour

sharp pains in cervix sign of labour

sharp pains in cervix sign of labour

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How to Identify Lightning Crotch Pain During Pregnancy

Pain “down there”

At a party I once attended, one of my pregnant friends suddenly stood up from the table and stretched her arms above her head.

“Ugh,” she said, rubbing her side. “This kid is killing me. It’s like these shooting pains down there. Do you know what I’m talking about?” Boy, did I know what she was talking about.

I’ve never been one to have a comfortable pregnancy. Grateful as I am to have experienced pregnancy and grow our family, I’ve always struggled with the physical demands of pregnancy.

One of those demands definitely is the aches and pains that come along with growing a human being in your body, so let’s take a look at pain “down there.” It’s actually not crotch pain due to lightning.


It’s important to learn what causes it, when you should be concerned, how to stay comfortable, and when it’s a sign that you should head to the hospital.

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sharp pains in cervix sign of labour
sharp pains in cervix sign of labour

Symptoms of lightning pain

Like my friend, I experienced a lot of pain down there and it can be confusing to know what’s happening exactly.

Is it normal? Is the pain a sign that you should be worried? There are a lot of questions that go through a pregnant woman’s mind other than, “I wonder if there’s any ice cream left?”

Lightning pain might actually feel like what it sounds like: lightning shooting in your pelvic area.

It almost feels like a little “zing” of pain, especially when you move or shift or feel the baby move or shift. It can come and go and might actually be quite uncomfortable.

That It’s “Normal”

For being as painful as it was, I was really surprised to learn that lightning crotch is actually a pretty common symptom of pregnancy. As my midwife told me, it’s usually not a big deal, just a “normal” part of pregnancy. However, as someone who’s been there, I can tell you that my response was literally, “normal, my ass.”

It was so weird.

It Can Be A Sign That Labor Is Coming…

According to my midwife, my lightning crotch was likely caused by my cervix dilating. And when she checked me at my next appointment, we learned that I was two centimeters along. As What to Expect explains, what feels like vaginal pain during pregnancy might actually be your cervix changing — thinning out and dilating (getting bigger) to prepare your body for your baby’s birth.

For some pregnant people, lightning crotch is an early sign of labor. According to Healthline, if you experience lightning crotch pain with other symptoms — like a back ache, contractions, or leaking fluid — you should contact your health care provider to see what next steps they recommend.

… Or It Might Not

Unfortunately, for some women — including me — cervical dilation can take several weeks, or you might be dilated for weeks before going into labor, so lightning crotch pains might not mean that you will have your baby today, or even any time soon. Despite having lightning crotch pain for more than four weeks, my baby didn’t come until five days after her due date..

sharp pains in cervix sign of labour
sharp pains in cervix sign of labour

midwife Melissa says:

It sounds like your body is getting ready for labor!  This is very exciting.  Shooting pains in your cervix are often the result of the baby’s head pressing against your cervix.  This would be making your cervix shorter, thinner and softer, in readiness for labor.

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Cramping and back pain would suggest that your cervix might be starting to open slightly.  Again, this is very good news for labor. The more ready your body can be for labor before it starts, the smoother your labor will be.  It is also a great sign that this has started for you now, as it makes it more likely that your baby will come in the next couple of weeks.  Continue to monitor your baby’s movements, and please call your care provider if your baby is not as active as s/he usually is, if your waters break or of your contractions are 5 minutes apart.

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