sandra otterson divorce

sandra otterson divorce

sandra otterson divorce

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Sandra and Kevin otterson divorced?


who is sandra otterson?

The Ottersons, known as “Hubby” and “Wifey” to their fans, have run the site since 1998. The couple’s brand account has nearly 367,000 followers on Twitter.

The material they publish follows the basic guidelines of so-called “amateur pornography“.  It features videos and pictures of the couple engaged in various sexual activities.  To maintain privacy, the couple’s real names are not used. They only use their character names, Wifey and Hubby. Initially, Wifey’s face was fully visible, but Hubby’s face was usually obscured – until a couple of years ago.  Now, in the more recent pictures published on Wifey’ World, it is most often shown.sandra otterson divorce.


sandra otterson divorce
sandra otterson divorce

The website itself is extremely popular.  There is some conjecture the site earns the couple nearly six figures a month. However, Hubby stated in an interview with Monk magazine that he wishes not to disclose any specific amount. In recent years, the website has incorporated material from other amateur pornographers wishing to be featured on the Internet, known as the “Friend’s Spotlight.”

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There is no Arizona statute that says filming pornographic material must be disclosed to potential buyers in a home sale. Nevertheless, Linda Fein was in the process of closing on a contemporary-style home when she and her husband made that surprising discovery.   The home was built in 1961 and located in the Paradise Hills neighborhood that wraps around Paradise Valley Country Club.  It had been used as the set of pornographic website Wifey’s World, run by married couple Kevin and Sandra Otterson. The couple bought the house in June 2010, according to property records.

Fein said she made the discovery after the agent mentioned that the sellers were in the entertainment industry.  She was shocked that the use of the home was not disclosed to her and her husband, she said. They had made a $1.7 million offer.  “At that price point, I figured there might be some courtesy to the buyer,” Fein said. “I just can’t make Thanksgiving dinner on counters where a porn star has been lounging around.”  They backed out of the sale.

sandra otterson divorce
sandra otterson divorce

Is Sandra Otterson of Wifey’s World divorced or separated?

As of January 2014, Sandra and Kevin Otterson appear to be happily married with no information indicating a seperation or divorce is in the imminent future.


What is Wifey’s real name of Wifey’s World?

Debbie Smith. Incorrect, her real name is Sandra Otterson

What is the birth name of Jack Otterson?

Jack Otterson’s birth name is John Edward Otterson.

Is Jessy James and Sandra Bullock divorced?


When was Billy Otterson born?

Billy Otterson was born on 1862-05-04.

When did Billy Otterson die?

Billy Otterson died on 1940-09-21.

When was Ryan Otterson born?

Ryan Otterson was born on 1986-11-29.

Are Jessie James and Sandra Bullock married?

No, they are divorced.

Are Kevin and Beth malarkey divorced?


Did Britney Spears divorced?

yes. she divorced Jason Alexander and Kevin federline

When did Jack Otterson die?

Jack Otterson died on December 22, 1991, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

sandra otterson divorce
sandra otterson divorce

When and where did baseball player Billy Otterson die?

Billy Otterson died September 21, 1940, in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

When and where was baseball player Billy Otterson born?

Billy Otterson was born May 4, 1862, in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

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