rick sorenson

rick sorenson

rick sorenson

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Rick started playing in bars when he was 15. He has played most types of music, and with many different bands over the years. He spent a few years full time on the road with no home but the bus, hotels and band houses. The story is a familiar one to me; as I’ve been down that same road. A road of excitement, dreams and fear. A road that you can sometimes lose yourself on; and have to find your way back.
He was about to take off on a tour of Japan with a new band when a car accident and medical issues changed his  life. Rick changed his focus but music never left him. He “retired” from corporate life recently, and again had a change of focus back to music and writing.


Rick now splits his time with writing and recording music and writing books.

His second Album will be out in March of this year. His first book was published in its second edition in November of 2020 and the second book will publish in March of 2021. I hope to get a chance to speak with him today about his beautiful book filled with pictures and inspiring words, “Coffee Table Philosophy.”

rick sorenson
rick sorenson

rick sorenson career

My life has been extremely diverse. I have had more “careers” than most. Careers is a stretch for some of the jobs but many were long-lasting careers across my life. It seems that I always had to experience something new and challenge myself. This was not out of failing at jobs but rather and on-going desire to learn and experience more. I spent many years as a full-time touring musician. That spans many more years of playing part-time. I spent about 15 years working with multiply handicapped kids and adults. I was a professional photographer, a real estate agent, an ordained minister, owner/operator of many businesses, and spent about 3 decades in IT/data related roles including a number of director roles in fortune 100 companies. The list goes on.

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When someone describes themself, it is very common to talk about themself in the context of work. While most of my work was something that I was passionate about, most people understand and believe that work is not the most important thing in life. Friends, family, and what we do for others! I am a father and a grandfather and there is nothing in my life that brings me more joy.


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