motorcycle trikes with automatic transmission

motorcycle trikes with automatic transmission

motorcycle trikes with automatic transmission

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Three-wheeled motorcycles, which are also called trikes, have been around for decades, but they are currently experiencing a surge in popularity with manufactures such as Harley-Davidson, Can-Am, Polaris, and even¬†Honda¬†getting into the fray. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why trikes are becoming a popular mode of transportation but one reason could be that they are more stable than a two-wheeled motorcycle and therefore much easier for older riders to maneuver.


motorcycle trikes with automatic transmission
motorcycle trikes with automatic transmission


Where the Harley Tri Glide and Freewheeler follow the classic cruiser styling and the more traditional single front,

dual rear wheel setup, the Can-Am Spyder takes a more modern approach to three wheeling with its aggressive body work

and tadpole (two front, single rear), or reverse trike, wheel configuration.

The flat profile of the rear tire looks like it’s straight off an automobile,

however, it’s actually a 225mm wide¬†motorcycle tire¬†specially made by Kenda.

With a host of models to choose from, Can-Am offers the widest selection of three wheelers ranging from the sporty to the more tamed tourer.

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In fact, with a ton of options you can specifically dial in a trike to meet your wants and needs.

Powerplants for the Spyders range from the 998cc Rotax V-twin powering the Spyder ST-S, to the three-cylinder 1330cc Rotax Ace engine in the Spyder RT-S Special Series.

Choosing a Spyder model can be difficult,

but if it were up to us the F3-S Special Series would be at the top of our list.

The Spyder F3-S Special Series is one stealthy machine with its triple black appearance accentuated by 6-spoke,

black chrome wheels, black suede perforated seat, all black body work and blacked-out drivetrain.

But this menacing machine is more than just looks,

it sports the peppy 1330cc liquid-cooled Rotax Ace engine which puts out 115hp and 96ft-lbs of torque

and delivers a range of about 250 miles from the 7.1 gallon fuel tank.

If you’re new to motorcycling or shifting gears intimidates you, you can opt out of the manual shift and go for a semi-automatic transmission-both versions come with a reverse gear. The semi-automatic is extremely easy to operate with shifting done with the left hand. Upshifts are made by the thumb and downshifts (if you want to down shift, the vehicle will automatically drop to 1st¬†gear once stopped) is done with the index finger.

motorcycle trikes with automatic transmission
motorcycle trikes with automatic transmission

If you’re looking to get the most out of your tank of gas hit the Eco Mode button on the left hand control and it will indicate when the best time to shift is for optimal fuel consumption. Other electronic goodies include a Vehicle Stability System that integrates anti-lock brakes, traction control, and stability control.

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Even though the F3-S Special Series looks like a sporty roadster, there’s still room to pack a little bit of gear in the 6.5 gallon front storage compartment. This means you can use it for a quick run to the grocery store or toss in a small travel bag for a road trip. Comfort is optimized with Can-Am’s UFit system which allows the rider to tailor the bike to their height or riding style with five peg position options and five handlebar options. The adjustability alone makes the Spyder one of the most versatile three wheelers on the market for every rider from beginner to advanced, male or female.

One very important factor that will appeal to new riders is that in some states (California being one of them) you don’t need to have a motorcycle license to legally ride a Spyder, all you need is a valid driver’s license. Also, some states will allow you to use a Spyder to take the motorcycle skills test when it comes to the riding portion of the licensing procedure.

motorcycle trikes with automatic transmission
motorcycle trikes with automatic transmission

Casarva Honda NC750X DCT (Auto) Trike

This Casarva Honda NC750X DCT trike has an automatic gearbox and is fitted with a Casarva Elite Chain Drive Reverse gearbox and our chain drive IRS trike conversion kit making it a great motorcycle to trike conversion for those who may need or want an automatic gearbox. The Hurricane short exhaust has replaced the larger stock item and gives a nice sound to the engine. The frame is powder coated in a very dark grey to match the finish from Honda

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Because the bike has an automatic gearbox there is no need for a clutch lever or gearshift lever making it ideal for those with challenges to their left hand and / or foot. With the reverse chain drive gearbox it really does make this the go anywhere trike.

The wings are painted in matching red paint and LED Stop Tail & Indicators are mounted at the rear.

Wheels are lightweight alloys with 205 55 17 tyres with the front being repainted to match the rears.

With full luggage fitted and the storage space for a helmet in the dummy tank this Casarva Honda NC750X DCT trike is great for a shopping trip or a longer and greater adventure!

motorcycle trikes with automatic transmission
motorcycle trikes with automatic transmission

What is Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) on a trike?

Casarva IRS (independent Rear Suspension) trikes handle better and and are more comfortable to ride than those with a solid axles. The tires stay planted in the road surface giving you maximum control if the road gets a little tricky because each side has its own suspension system which are connected by an anti-roll bar made in spring steel. This assists the shock absorbers in keeping the rear end planted, reduces rider shock and assists with steering.

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