molly elizabeth brolin

molly elizabeth brolin

molly elizabeth brolin

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Molly Elizabeth Brolin Biography

Molly Elizabeth Brolin is an assistant producer, art director, and the daughter of actor James Brolin and his former wife, Jan Smithers. and Molly has worked as a production assistant for several major Hollywood films and TV shows. She has also directed a stage play that made its debut at New York’s ‘Wild Project’ theater. Although her parents are divorced, Molly is in touch with both her parents. She also shares a cordial relationship with her stepmother, actor and singer Barbra Streisand. Molly has also worked with her half-brother, Jess Brolin.


Molly is a successful producer. She made her debut as one of the production assistants of the 2011 short film, ‘Royal Reunion.’ The following year, she worked as one of the production assistants of the action–adventure comedy, ‘Men in Black 3.’ The same year, she also worked as an assistant producer of the TV documentary, ‘John Mulaney: New in Town.’
In 2013, Molly stepped into stage production. Soon, Molly and her ‘Berklee’ mate Justin Johnson moved to Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Johnson had a spellbinding experience while he worked in a stockroom in SoHo, Manhattan. He discussed his weird experience with Molly, and she was hit by the idea of turning it into a stage play. The result was ‘Smile Swamp Princess,’ a rock opera co-composed by actor Megan Lui and directed by Molly’s niece, Eden Brolin. As the art director, Molly majorly focused on the detailing of the props and costumes. She and Justin took a trip together to Atchafalaya Basin, a 150 mile-long wetland on the outskirts of Baton Rouge, the capital of the US state of Louisiana, to conduct in-depth research. The stage play premiered at the ‘Wild Project’ theater in New York’s East Village.
molly elizabeth brolin
molly elizabeth brolin
In 2018, Molly worked as the assistant producer of the ‘Hallmark Channel’ TV film ‘Royal Hearts.’ Her father directed the film and played the lead, too. Molly appeared as a guest in the 2018 film ‘Shadow of a Gun.’

Personal Life

Molly was born on November 28, 1987, in Los Angeles, California, US. She is the daughter of actor, producer, and director James Brolin and retired film and TV actor Jan Smithers. Molly’s parents got married in 1986. When Jan was pregnant with Molly, she took a break from her acting career. After Molly’s birth, Jan devoted all her time to her daughter. James, however, had to travel a lot for work. This created a rift between Molly’s parents, and they ended up getting divorced in 1995. Jan wanted a break from the stress and thus moved to a peaceful countryside along with Molly. However, Molly has always been in touch with both her parents. When she was in high school, Jan traveled to India and turned toward spiritualism.
Molly is the stepdaughter of American singer, songwriter, actor, and filmmaker Barbra Streisand and the younger half-sister of producer Jess Brolin, born to James and his former wife, Jane Cameron Agee.
She is an alumna of ‘Berklee College of Music,’ located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Molly Elizabeth Brolin Family and Relatives

Molly Brolin’s father, James Brolin, is a well-known actor, producer and director. He is now eighty years old. At first he was with his wife Jane Cameron whom he married in 1966. They have two children named Josh Brolin and Jess Brolin. Also, Josh Brolin is a famous actor who has acted in many films. But he and his first wife divorced in 1984.

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molly elizabeth brolin
molly elizabeth brolin

In 1985, he met actress Jan Smithers while they were both working in the movie Hotel. Then they had Molly Brolin. After that, in 1996, James Brolin met Barbra Streis and a singer and actress through a mutual friend. They married in 1998. He became the stepfather of her child Jason Gould.

Therefore, Molly Brolin has an extended family as she has a good relationship with her father’s third wife, Barbra Streisand. They now live in Westwood Village, Los Angeles, California, United States. It is a lavish destination where many celebrities live.

Additionally, Josh Brolin is also a relative of Molly Brolin. She is Brolin’s sister-in-law because her mother was James Brolin’s first wife. Also, Josh Brolin is a successful actor. He has starred in films such as The Goonies, Grindhouse, No Country for Old Men, Marvel Comics’ villain Thanos in the Marvel films and more. He is now fifty-three years old and one of the famous members of the Brolin family.

What is Molly Elizabeth Brolin Net worth

Molly Brolin, although she came from an illustrious family, made a career. It shows that she is an independent woman. In addition, she was a producer of the short film Royal Reunion in 2011. She also worked as an assistant for Men in Black and John Mulaney: New in Town.

In addition, she also worked in a play called “Smile Swamp Princess”. A “rock opera”. One of her popular works is the producer of Royal Hearts for the Hallmark Channel. His father directed and performed it.

molly elizabeth brolin
molly elizabeth brolin

Molly Elizabeth’s successful career has helped her build good net worth. His estimate of net worth is good. But this is little compared to the fortune of his father James Brolin. He has a staggering net worth of $ 60 million. Additionally, his stepmother Barbara Streisand’s net worth is $ 400 million. Therefore, the family cries rich.

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Interesting facts about Molly Elizabeth Brolin

  • Molly Brolin’s father is an Emmy Award-winning actor.
  • His mother Jan Smithers is now seventy-one.
  • His half-brother Josh Brolin has received many accolades.
  • Molly Brolin does not have a social media account.
  • Her father received two Golden Globes and an Emmy.



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