leona lewis aural josiah lewis

leona lewis aural josiah lewis

leona lewis aural josiah lewis

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Leona Lewis Parents: Meet Aural Josiah Lewis and Maria Lewis

Leona was born on the 3rd of April, 1985. She was born in Islington, London, to Maria, a Welsh mother, and Aural Josiah, a Guyanese father. Bradley, her older half-brother, and Kyle, her younger brother, complete her family.

Lewis released her debut extended play, Hurt The EP, in 2011 with the single “Collide,” a collaboration with Swedish DJ Avicii. Lewis’s third studio album, Glassheart (2012), signalled a shift in her creative style, with dubstep and electronic music serving as an influence.


During her Glassheart Tour in mid-2013, she began recording material for her first Christmas album. Later that year, Christmas, with Love was released, and the lead single, “One More Sleep,” reached number three in the UK. Lewis broke Olivia Newton-record John’s of seven top-five singles with this chart entry, becoming the first British female solo artist to reach the top five with eight singles.

leona lewis aural josiah lewis
leona lewis aural josiah lewis

Leona Lewis Father Aural Josiah Lewis

Before Leona enters and joins the competition, the family is well provided because of Aural’s job.

He is an entrepreneur with an excellent annual salary of 100 000 dollars, and aural also works as a youth worker in the UK.

Further details about Aural’s personal life are still under research.

Leona Lewis Mother Maria Lewis

Maria Lewis’s details are not known. However, she came from Irish and Italian ancestry. The mother of the singer is a social worker.

She married Aural Josiah Lewis with anonymous information regarding their marriage. However, the couple, after being together for 20 years, divorced.

Maria Lewis is a supportive mother of the singer Leona Lewis and has maintained her contact and significant relationship with her ever since her daughter started joining in the competition.

Leona Lewis’ Siblings

Leona Lewis has a younger sibling named Kyle.

There is little to no information about the singer’s sibling, for he decided to remain silent and private under his sister’s spotlight.

leona lewis aural josiah lewis
leona lewis aural josiah lewis

Aural Josiah Lewis‘s net worth over the years

Year Net worth
2022 $1.2 million
2021 $1 million
2020 $0.8 million

Aural Josiah Lewis‘s height and weight

Let’s find out how tall Aural Josiah Lewis is and how much he weighs.

  • Height in cm and feet: 188 cm / 6 ft 1 in
  • Weight in kg and lbs: 94 kg / 207 lbs

What is his real/full name?

Aural Josiah Lewis’s real/full name is Aural Josiah Lewis.

Is Aural Josiah Lewis married? Does he have a girlfriend or wife?

Aural Josiah Lewis is married to Maria Lewis.

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Family: Does Aural Josiah Lewis have any brothers, sisters or kids?

ChildrenAural Josiah Lewis has 2 sons, Kyle Lewis, Bradley Lewis and a daughter, Leona Lewis.

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