katy perry IQ

katy perry IQ

katy perry IQ

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Katy Perry

IQ 115

Place of Birth

Santa Barbara, CA

Katy Perry IQ Score: 115 | Celebrity IQs.

Kay Perry’s recent tweet has sparked widespread fan debate between the two, and there’s room for you to weigh in.

It didn’t take much for this debate to begin, just a simple, to-the-point tweet by Katy Perry resulted in an outpouring of responses and a debate on opinions related to this topic. It seems that fans are divided on the topic of IQ vs. EQ, as the conversation continues to develop on Perry’s Twitter feed.


katy perry IQ
katy perry IQ

Some fans think this question is posed as part of some sort of motherhood journey, and will be used to determine Katy’s parenting style, while others believe a new song title is being teased. It’s unclear as to specifically why this was on Katy Perry‘s mind, or what this could potentially be related to, but regardless of what inspired her to post this, fans seem incredibly engaged, and they’re immersed in some pretty elaborate conversations on the topic.

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Everyone seems to have a difference of perspective on this topic, and Katy Perry’s fans are going back and forth on what the relevance of both IQ and EQ are to their personal lives, and in society as a whole. The conversation stemmed from her simple tweet and seems to be continuing and rapidly expanding in spite of the fact that she seems detached from the conversation by not actively weighing in or responding to anyone’s posts.

EQ or IQ?

One fan couldn’t even choose between the two, so she came up with her own solution – she merged them!  She wrote; “I choose IEQ = Intelligence and Emotional Quotient. (I made it up). For the choices given, I would say both because EQ shows how empathetic a person is as their personality and character; IQ shows how smart and with common sense is a person. Both are equally important!”

Some fans weighed in by relating this topic to Perry’s new baby, Daisy. They stated that they think EQ is better for Daisy to aspire to master, since IQ “won’t get the everything in life.” One particular fan went so far as to say; “it’s better for Daisy to be loved than for her to be right.”

katy perry IQ
katy perry IQ

Not every fan was agreeable to this conversation. One respondent weighed in by saying; “I really don’t get the whole “emotional intelligence” thing. It’s not something that can be measured. It’s just being sensitive. The rest is just how intelligent you are in general. These people with supposed high EQ are just sensitive people with high enough IQ using their brain.”

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