juggernauts brother

juggernauts brother

juggernauts brother

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Is Juggernaut Charles Xavier’s brother?

Yes. Cain Marko, aka The Juggernaut, is Professor Xaviers step brother. His father, the abusive Dr. Kurt Marko had been a colleague of Dr. Brian Xavier, Charles’s father. When Brian died in an accident Kurt married Charles’s mother, Sharron.

Xavier’s mother was widowed and married a man named Marko who had a son named Cain (Juggernaut) already. Cain was abused by his father, reading Cain’s anger was one of the first times Xavier’s telepathic powers manifested them selves. I believe this makes them step-brothers.

Is Juggernaut Charles Xavier's brother?
Is Juggernaut Charles Xavier’s brother?


Juggernaut History

Juggernaut gained superhuman strength and extreme durability when he found the gem of cyttorak . His name is Cain Marko and he is the step-brother of Charles Xavier.

When his father married Charles’ mother, Cain was violent and cruel towards his step-brother. For mistreating Charles, Marko’s father beat him. Because of his father’s physical abuse, Marko blamed his situation on Charles. At some point, Marko’s mutant powers were mystically activated by the Ruby of Cyttorak.

Marko was sometime imprisoned in a S.H.I.E.L.D. Maximum Security Detention Center. He was later released by Mystique, who offered his freedom and vengeance on Charles in return in working for her in obtaining Cerebro; however, Marko rejected Mystique’s offer by physically backhanding her and proceed on seeking his revenge. S.H.I.E.L.D. forces attempted to stop Marko with heavy artillery fire, but prove fruitless on his incredible durability.

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Storm and Wolverine battled Marko in order to impede him. Marko overpowered them and stormed into the Xavier Institute and finally confronted his half-brother. Before Marko could land the killing blow, Superman timely arrived and engaged him. Although surprised by Superman’s strength, Marko was madly impressed for someone who could actually hurt him and unleashed his full strength on Superman. Realizing that Superman was holding back his powers in order to prevent risking any harm to others present, Juggernaut mocked him for this until realizing that Superman was biding time for reinforcements from the X-Men and the Brotherhood. The combined teamwork from the mutants and Superman removed Marko’s helmet and allowing Charles to psychically subduing Marko. S.H.I.E.L.D. shortly arrived and apprehend Marko.

During the Sentinel/Brainiac crisis, Marko was later again freed by the Friends of Humanity, through the machinations of Magneto, and attempted to break a dam to flood a nearby town. The X-Men fought Juggernaut and managed to subdue him, but only for Marko to rejuvenate himself with a device gifted by Magneto. Fortunately, Juggernaut shortly comes into blow with Superman along with several other superheroes who teamed up with the X-Men in combining their attacks to finally defeating Marko.

Who Is Juggernauts Brother?

Hair: Brown
Relatives: Charles Xavier (Step-brother)
Rogue of: X-Men
Abilities: Superhuman strength, durability, and stamina

Is Colossus Juggernauts Brother?

In an unexpected twist, Cyttorak is made to dismiss Cain as a member of the Serpent god by Magik. Her brother, Colossus, also comes into the picture to replace Magik as his successor, and becomes the Juggernaut on the run.

juggernauts brother
juggernauts brother

Is Charles The Brother Of Juggernaut?

He is a step brother of Charles Xavier and the stepbrother of Charles Xavier’s wife. Marko has been Sharon Xavier-Marko and is the mother of Charles Xavier. It was obvious that Kurt Marko preferred Xavier over Cain’s son since he was smarter and more gifted.

Who Is Charles Xavier Brother?

Although his head has been permanently destroyed by Jean Grey, Musketeer is the twin of Charles Xavier whose body inhabited in the original timeline following the destruction of Jean Grey’s body.

Why Does Juggernaut Have A Helmet?

When compared to regular contact lenses, juggernaut’s helmets offer users a unique ability to shield themselves from telepathy from any type. With Magneto’s helmet, he has the same metal hat he wears under his helmet which blocks psi energy, as well.

Who Is The Brother Of Colossus?

The evil brother of the X-Men’s Colossus is back — his return will leave his brother regret his return. Krakoa’s Mutant nation is suffering.

Who is Xavier’s son?

Legion (David Charles Haller) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is the mutant son of Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller. Legion takes the role of an antihero who has a severe mental illness including a form of dissociative identity disorder.


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