jamestown’s prosperity was ensured by

jamestown's prosperity was ensured by

jamestown’s prosperity was ensured by

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Jamestown’s prosperity was ensured by ________.

  • a. The discovery of gold
  • b. The development of fur trading
  • c. Royal financial support
  • d. Tobacco cultivation
  • e. Potato cultivation


The settlers arrived in Virginia in May 1607, hoping to find gold. They chose a place near a river, where the deep water allowed them to anchor their ships close by. The site was upriver from Chesapeake Bay.

but far enough from the river that it would be difficult for Spanish ships to attack. Located on a peninsula.

the town was easy to defend by land. The group built a settlement surrounded by the walls of a fort and named it Jamestown in honor of King James I.

The Jamestown settlers never found gold. Therefore, they needed another way to support their colony. Colonist John Rolfe learned how to grow a new kind of tobacco. The settlers planted this cash crop. In 1614.

they began to trade their tobacco for money and supplies. People in England loved it. Tobacco became Virginia’s “gold.” It was not actually gold, but selling tobacco made the colony wealthy.

jamestown's prosperity was ensured by
jamestown’s prosperity was ensured by

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What exports brought financial prosperity to the colony at Jamestown?

Cultivating tobacco saved Jamestown’s economy.

What cash crop helped to save Jamestown and continued to bring prosperity to the Southern Colonies?



What was the development of the Jamestown colony from its disastrous beginnings to its later prosperity?

The one thing that saved Jamestown was tobacco. When John Rolf introduced tobacco to Jamestown he gave them a future. The selling and growing the crop was so popular they grew it every where they could. It was used as money and brought in money.

Who was the leader who saved the Jamestown settlement from failure?

John Smith is the leader who saved the Jamestown settlement from failure. By making everyone work in order to eat, he ensured that everyone was willing to pitch in for the common good.

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jamestown's prosperity was ensured by
jamestown’s prosperity was ensured by

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jamestown's prosperity was ensured by
jamestown’s prosperity was ensured by

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Why was Jamestown named Jamestown?

Jamestown was named after King James I.

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