jack linton deen

jack linton deen

jack linton deen

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  Jack Linton Deen

  • James Linton Jamie Deen
  • Brooke Terry


  • M Matthew James Deen
jack linton deen
jack linton deen


 Paternal grand-parents, uncles and aunts

  • M James Linton Deen married (1965)
  • F Paula Ann Hiers 1947
  • M James Linton Jamie Deen
married (2005)
2 children
  • M Robert Earl Bobby Deen
not married, Without posterity
jack linton deen
jack linton deen
Ancestry Chart
                                                                                    _____| 16_ Victor Deen 1888-1955
_____| 8_ Linton Miller Deen 1912-1995
/                            ¯¯¯¯¯| 17_ Allie Pope 1893-1972
_____| 4_ James Linton Deen
/                           \
/                             ¯¯¯¯¯| 9_ Jessie Wraye McLendon
|2_ James Linton Jamie Deen
|                       \                                                           _____| 20_ Chester Mayfield Hiers 1894-1972
|                        \                              _____| 10_ Earl W. Hiers 1925-1966
|                         \                            /                            ¯¯¯¯¯| 21_ Nellie Lou Savage 1897-1986
|                          ¯¯¯¯¯| 5_ Paula Ann Hiers 1947
|                                                     \                             _____| 22_ John L. Paul 1898-1963
|                                                      ¯¯¯¯¯| 11_ Corrie A. Paul 1926-1970
|                                                                                   ¯¯¯¯¯| 23_ Irene Dempsey 1907-1998
|–1_ Jack Linton Deen
|3_ Brooke Terry
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Paula Deen is best known for hosting the famous cooking show “Paula’s Home Cooking,” and for being a judge on various cooking competitions such as “MasterChef.”

Paula deen’s eldest grandchildren

While her talent and skill for cooking are often seen on TV, not many people know about her personal life. Let’s take a look at her two growing grandsons who are beginning to look a lot like her.

 One of her sons, Jamie Deen, welcomed sons Matthew and Jack with wife Brooke Terry Deen years ago, and as time passes, the more and more they look like their grandmother, Paula Deen.

jack linton deen
jack linton deen

Welcoming jack linton deen

He welcomed his first child, Jack Linton Deen, back in 2006, and at the time, the little boy was still a mixture of his mom and dad. However, as he grew up, he seems to be resembling the Deen family a lot more, particularly his grandma.

On his son’s features, Jamie shared:

“He’s got his mama’s lips and beautiful olive skin and his daddy’s big head. He smiled yesterday and has a face full of dimples like his dad. It might be a birth defect, but when he’s 16 years old it will work for him.”


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