is linda ronstadt married

is linda ronstadt married

is linda ronstadt married

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Linda Ronstadt Wasn’t One for Marriage

Linda Ronstadt dances to the beat of her own drum, that’s why she never walked down the aisle with any of her former loves. The iconic singer’s dating history includes famous men like Aaron Neville, George Lucas and Jim Carrey, but she never got to the point where she was ready to get married to any of them.

“I have no talent for [marriage]. Not a shred,” Linda told the Washington Post in 2019. “I don’t like to compromise. If I want a pink sofa and somebody doesn’t want a pink sofa, I’m not going to go for that. I want the pink sofa.”

At the time she was rising in the ranks as a music performer, Linda was in many high-profile romances. The “Blue Bayou” songstress dated John Boylan, a record producer and songwriter, in the early ’70s. Following their relationship, she was involved with fellow musician JD Souther and actor Albert Brooks.

Although Linda enjoyed having a partner, she never imagined herself getting married. While chatting with Crawdaddy magazine in 1974, she credited the crazy Hollywood lifestyle for being the reason she was always hesitant to give true love a shot.


The Many Loves Of Linda Ronstadt

She’s known for being a beloved rock star, so it’s no surprise that there have been many Linda Ronstadt boyfriends. Read on to find out all about the men Linda Ronstadt dated.

Is Linda Ronstadt single? Yes, despite the extensive Linda Ronstadt dating history, the singer has never been married. So who has Linda Ronstadt dated? One of the famous Linda Ronstadt exes is George Lucas of Star Wars fame. The director was said to be head over heels for Ronstadt, though she didn’t want to settle down.

There is no Linda Ronstadt husband, and she has never been a wife. However, she was engaged to Lucas for a short time. Linda Ronstadt discussed the possibility of getting married to famous ex (and former Governor) Jerry Brown, though she thought he’d find her life too chaotic.

Were you surprised by the Linda Ronstadt relationships? She’s dated big names such as Mick Jagger, Steve Martin, and Bill Murray. Below you’ll find the full list of people Linda Ronstadt dated.

Aaron Neville

Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville recorded four duets for her solo album Cry Like a Rainstorm – Howl Like the Wind in 1989. They were dubbed “the First Couple of pop music.”

“I think our singing together was meant to be. We have the same type of heart,” Neville said.

The musicians reportedly dated from 1989 to 1992.

George Lucas

Linda Ronstadt started dating famed director George Lucas in 1983 after the two met backstage at one of her concerts. However, they were both very private, and made sure to never be photographed together. It was rumored, however, that Ronstadt would carry an Empire Strikes Back lunchbox around Los Angeles as a playful nod to her boyfriend at the time.

Ronstadt even used the recording studios at Skywalker Ranch for her 1987 album, Canciones de Mi Padre. They got engaged at one point, though it was not to last. In 1988, the pair ended their romance after five years.


Linda Ronstadt dated a young Jim Carrey in 1983, after meeting him at one of his performances at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles. She was looking for someone to open for her on tour – which Carrey did not want to do – though he did say he would go out with her if she wanted. And she did.

The two dated for about eight months, with Carrey later saying, “She was an absolutely incredible human being. She is an incredible human being.”

is linda ronstadt married
is linda ronstadt married

Bill Murray

Bill Murray and Linda Ronstadt were rumored to have dated in the early ’80s.

Jerry Brown

Linda Ronstadt and politician Jerry Brown first met in 1971 at Lucy’s El Adobe, a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles. Their curious relationship made a Newsweek magazine cover in April 1979.

In April 1979, Ronstadt and Governor Brown famously took a trip to Africa together. The two were spotted together throughout the mid-late ’70s and into the early ’80s, after which things seemed to fizzle out. Ronstadt said she found him to be “a relief” from the musicians she hung out with. However, she doesn’t believe they would have had a good marriage.

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“Neither of us ever suffered under the delusion that we would like to share each other’s lives. I would have found his life too restrictive, and he would have found mine entirely chaotic
 Eventually we went our separate ways and embraced things that resonated with us as different individuals
 We have always remained on excellent terms,” Ronstadt said.

is linda ronstadt married
is linda ronstadt married

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger and Linda Ronstadt reportedly had an affair from 1977 to 1978.

Ronstadt recorded her won version of Rolling Stones song, “Tumbling Dice.” It was one of the few Rolling Stones covers to make it into the Top 10.

Their affair ended when Jagger’s then-wife Bianca Jagger flew to California to confront him after she found out he was spending time with the country singer at her ocean-front home.

Albert Brooks

Albert Brooks and Linda Ronstadt dated from 1974 to 1976, and even lived together. “I was not a musician and she was not into what I did, but she thought I was cute,” Brooks said.

JD Souther

Musicians JD Souther and Linda Ronstadt dated from 1972 to 1974. Ronstadt recorded several of his songs, and he performed on some of her albums. They recorded “Faithless Love” together.

Though they split in the 70s, they remained on good terms. In fact, Ronstadt was the first person to hear Souther’s album Tenderness, before it was released. He flew to her home in San Francisco to personally deliver the disc – which was met with Ronstadt’s approval.


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