is ijustine a lesbian

is ijustine a lesbian

is ijustine a lesbian

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iJustine: Is She Single or Dating?

iJustine has been single for several years now. However, she has mentioned Ryann Wyatt as her boyfriend in 2012. When a fan asked if she was a lesbian, iJustine replied to the tweet by mentioning Wyatt as her boyfriend.


American YouTube Personality iJustine Dating a Boyfriend

The American YouTuber iJustine hasn’t yet officially announced of being in a relationship but it seems like she is secretly engaged to her beau since October 2019. She never wore that shiny diamond ring on her ring finger before.

Although the blonde beauty rarely shares any picture of her boyfriend or fiance, she shows her love for a child. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t dated anyone in her past.

As a matter of fact, the 35 years old diva dated several men in past days.

is ijustine a lesbian
is ijustine a lesbian

Most recently, exactly a year before, iJustine dated fellow Youtube star, Adam Rucker. The news brought chaos amidst her fans!

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First of all, iJustine Twitter fans speculated that the couple is dating, after apparently, what it looked life Adam proposed the lady replying to the comment section of her statement.

They confirmed the news later, revealing some of their pictures over Instagram. Not only that, they pair flaunted over Instagram about their vacation where iJustine is seen with Rucker having a memorable time in ‘Disneyland’.


How tall is ijustine?

The youtuber ijustine is 5’3.5″

What Is IJustine’s Real Name?

IJustine’s real name is Justine Ezarik

Is ijustine dead?

nope 🙂

How old is ijustine?

she is 29

Is iJustine Catholic?


Where does ijustine live?

los angelous

How many iphones has ijustine owned?


is ijustine a lesbian
is ijustine a lesbian

What did ijustine go to college for?

graphic design

Is Shane Dawson dating Ijustine?

No, They are just Friends!

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