how to inflate belly with water

how to inflate belly with water

how to inflate belly with water

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How do you inflate belly with water?

There are 2 ways. One, you can drink a gallon, gallon and a half of water, that’ll bloat you up. or you can take and aquarium pump and lube the nozzle with vaseline. then insert the nozzle into your anus and start pumping. inserting it will feel weird for a second, then its no big deal. stop when you want or if you feel pain. if you practice, you can get quite a bulge and add considerable weight to your abdomen. after you do the anal inflation, youll probably want to sit on the toilet for when the water explodes out. if you cramp, dont move, the pain will pass.


how to inflate belly with water
how to inflate belly with water

How to belly inflation

Water or air is up to preference (i personally prefer water because its weightier and more “filling” it also has significantly less painful cramps) for air you would need some kind of pump such as a aquarium pump or a manually operated pump. You would take the pumps output normally a rounded tube with no sharp edges, i would then recommend lubing it up for easy insertion and then putting it up your butt and turning on the pump. Carry on inflating as you wish but if you feel any pain stop for a moment if its a dull pain slow down how much your taking in if its sharp then Stop inflating and leave it a couple of days before trying again. To deflate its just like passing gas but it may take a while to deflate. With air expect fairly painful cramps afterwards.

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For water its a similar method but instead of a pump you would use either a shower hose douche attachment or an enema bag both can be found on amazon for around ÂŁ10-20 you then take your method of choice and lube it up and insert it then turn on the water. Same as before for the pain. And deflating is much more messy that with air but its the same process its just like going to the toilet. This method is much more messy but gives less cramps and usually gets me much larger. As a note i am not a huge fan of shower inflations as they tend to also pump air aswell as water and i dont get as big from them.

how to inflate belly with water
how to inflate belly with water

Sorry for the chunk of text but that should be everything you need to know if you have any other questions feel free to dm me.

Some tips for preparing to inflate:

  • taking a hot shower on your stomach before hand will make it easier to get bigger

  • doing some ab stretches before hand will help you get bigger (cat cow stretches, if you dont know any google some).

-if your planning to keep water in for longer than 5-10 mins then you should add salt to the water as otherwise you may get water intoxication.

-using luke warm water is more comfortable and will lead to a bigger size

-when you start maxing out if you dial down the input rate you will usually get much bigger as sometimes it takes your body a minute to adjust.

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how to inflate belly with water
how to inflate belly with water

How do you use water inflation?

Breathe in, close your mouth and breathe out, but without letting any of the air escape. Now, you should have a mouthful of air. Swallow it. If you have problems swallowing it, try drinking a small amount of water along with the air, to trigger the swallowing reflex.

How do you inflate your stomach with water?

Swallow alternating amounts of air and water. Start with the water then air. Warning this may be dangerous depending on the amount you plan to swallow. In addition to the belly ache, you’ll make yourself unpopular with friends and family by excessive farting when the air starts to come out.

Is inflating your belly safe?

The main risk of body inflation, by the introduction of air or water into the intestines, is that the distention and pressure of the air or water on the intestines could lead to damage to the intestinal wall.

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