how many cruisers to get drunk

how many cruisers to get drunk

how many cruisers to get drunk

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What Is A Vodka Cruiser?

A Vodka Cruiser is a premixed vodka-based drink often likened to alcopops. Additionally, Vodka Cruiser comes in 17 different flavors, most of which are fruit-inspired. Since Vodka Cruisers’ launch in 2001, Vodka Cruisers have attained considerable success and have recently released new formats of their products, namely Vodka Cruiser Black and Vodka Cruiser Sugar-Free.

If you want to learn more about Vodka Cruisers and what makes them so popular, keep reading!

What Are Vodka Cruisers Made Of?

Generally, Vodka Cruisers are made of vodka, carbonated water, flavors, sweeteners, colors, food acids, and preservatives.

However, these ingredients may vary in quantity or may not be present in certain flavors or formats of Vodka Cruiser products.

What Vodka Is In A Vodka Cruiser?

Vodka Cruiser uses its trademark premium triple distilled vodka as the base spirit for all its products.

Nevertheless, Vodka Cruiser doesn’t disclose whether their trademark vodka is made from grain, potatoes, or other agricultural products.


how many cruisers to get drunk
how many cruisers to get drunk

How Do You Make Vodka Cruisers?

There are plenty of ways to make homemade Vodka Cruisers, and one of the most popular methods is to mix flavored vodka with soda water.

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However, it is best if you choose high-quality soda water like Spindrift, Bubly, and La Croix Sparkling Water to make sure that there is enough carbonation in your Vodka Cruiser.

Additionally, you can add sugar or simple syrup to your homemade Vodka Cruiser to further imitate the taste of real Vodka Cruisers.

Are Vodka Cruisers High In Sugar?

While the amount of sugar in Vodka Cruisers are unknown, it is safe to assume that the quantity is enough to mask the alcoholic taste of vodka.

Additionally, the sugar content of Vodka Cruisers can vary depending on the flavor.

Nonetheless, Vodka Cruiser does have a sugar-free format, meaning consumers can enjoy the same Vodka Cruiser flavors minus any guilt about their sugar intake.

How Strong Is Vodka Cruiser?

It contains 4.6% alcohol by volume and is a brightly colored vodka-based alcoholic drink. This premixed drink is sometimes referred to as an alcopop and comes in seventeen flavors, including guava, lemon, lime, passion fruit, pineapple, raspberries, and others, depending on where you buy it.

how many cruisers to get drunk
how many cruisers to get drunk

Can You Get Drunk On Vodka Cruiser?

Can you get yourself really drunk by rolling a bottle of vino? Some critics believe Cruisers can’t cause you to become a drunken mess, but this is not the case. You only have one drink per drink; once you know how many you’ll have by 10 o’clock, you’ll be able to drink the entire six-pack.

Can You Drink Vodka Cruisers?

The premixed vodka cruisers have a distinct fruitiness that you will notice more of than the actual vodka in the drink. Vodka Cruiser is available in 275 ml ready-to-drink bottles.

What Vodka Is In A Vodka Cruiser?

Vodka Cruiser, a popular vodka brand founded in 2000, has grown to become one of the most well-known vodka brands on the market. The vodka cruiser range has fruit-inspired colors and is made from premium triple distilled vodka, which has strong flavor credentials.

What Is The Difference Between Vodka Cruiser And Vodka Cruiser Black?

The iconic Cruiser brand name is combined with premium triple distilled vodka, an ABV of 6.5%, and a top shelf unisex product to create Cruiser Black. We have the Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Bitters, Citrus, and Ice flavors available.

how many cruisers to get drunk
how many cruisers to get drunk

How Many Vodka Cruisers Will Make You Drunk?

A shot of vodka three times in the morning can help you feel a little more drunk. You will become more reliant on alcohol as you consume more than 8 to 9 shots. In the United States, men are permitted to consume no more than ten shots of vodka per day. They are more likely to be drunk as the amount of alcohol consumed increases.

Can One Drink Of Vodka Make You Drunk?

Is too much alcohol harmful? How much alcohol can you get drunk with? A typical individual requires two to four shots of vodka to get a little tipsy. After taking 5 to 9 shots, you may begin to feel drunk. More than ten shots of vodka can cause you to experience severe intoxication.

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What Are All The Cruiser Flavors?

Vodka Cruiser has 8 iconic flavors that were relaunched to taste more natural in light of their lesser sugar content. Here is the list of those 8 flavors:

  • Wild Raspberry
  • Pure Pineapple
  • Lush Guava
  • Zesty Lemon-Lime
  • Sunny Orange Passionfruit
  • Bold Berry Blend
  • Ripe Strawberry
  • Juice Watermelon
how many cruisers to get drunk
how many cruisers to get drunk

Moreover, Vodka Cruiser comes in less-traditional flavors:

  • Mudshake
  • Pom Pom
  • Electric Pink

As for Vodka Cruiser Sugar-Free, it comes in 3 distinct flavors:

  • Sugar-Free Mixed Berry
  • Sugar-Free Mango Raspberry
  • Sugar-Free Pineapple

Furthermore, Vodka Cruiser has another format in the name of Vodka Cruiser Black, and it also comes in 3 flavors:

  • Cruiser Black Guava
  • Cruiser Black Lemon-Lime
  • Cruiser Black Raspberry


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