how long to walk 500 feet

how long to walk 500 feet

how long to walk 500 feet

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How Long Does it Take to Walk 500 Feet

It takes about 1.89 minutes to walk 500 feet at a speed of 3 mph. The walking time calculator by feet allows one to calculate how long does it take to walk a certain feet based on an average mph.

How long does it take?

Time: 2 minutes
Hours: 0.03156565656565656
Minutes: 1.8939393939393938
Seconds: 113.63636363636363
Days: 0.00131523569023569


How long does it take to walk 500 feet based on different mph.

Feet MPH Minutes
500 feet 1 mph 5.68 minutes
500 feet 1.5 mph 3.79 minutes
500 feet 2 mph 2.84 minutes
500 feet 2.5 mph 2.27 minutes
500 feet 3 mph 1.89 minutes
500 feet 3.5 mph 1.62 minutes
500 feet 4 mph 1.42 minutes
500 feet 4.5 mph 1.26 minutes
500 feet 5 mph 1.14 minutes
how long to walk 500 feet
how long to walk 500 feet

How long does it take to travel 80 miles at a moderate pace?

Most of us run at around 3.5 mph, which takes around 17 minutes per mile, or around 85 minutes for 8 miles. The faster your pace (MPH), the faster you can cover the 5 miles. If you are traveling at a speed of 6 km / h, it will take you 15 minutes to go one mile or 1 1/4 hours to go 8 km.

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How long does it take to travel 300 meters?

9 minutes 39 seconds

How far does a 70-year-old man have to go?

Typically, physically fit older people take 2,000 to 9,000 steps a day. This corresponds to a walking distance of 1 or 41/2 miles. Increasing the walking distance by about one kilometer is good for your health. Can you walk 1.

How fast should a 70-year-old man go?

The average speed of human walking is 3-4 miles per hour, or 1 mile every 15-20 minutes. Average walking speed for age.

Can you run a mile in 10 minutes?

It probably depends on the person, I can walk 1112 minutes and miles at a pace, but it would be much more comfortable to start jogging. If you walk 10 minutes per mile, everything is fine. Or If you run 10 minutes per mile, it works. If you run to the park to run, that’s jogging.

How fast should I run a mile for my age?

Most runners reach their top speed between 18 and 30. The average speed per mile for a 5km run is lower. Average speed per mile at 5km.


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