how does american democracy balance the power of majority rule?

how does american democracy balance the power of majority rule?

how does american democracy balance the power of majority rule?

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How does American democracy balance the power of majority rule?

A) by forcing all people to pay taxes

B) by making people work for the common good

C) by giving jobs to all people

D) by insisting on minority rights

The correct answer is D) by insisting on minority rights.

The essence of democracy is majority rule, the making of binding decisions by a vote of more than one-half of all persons who participate in an election.

In the most traditional style of democracy, decisions are made by the policy of majority rule,

Our democracy was founded on the principle of majority rule. Under our Constitution, a bill that earns majority support in the House and Senate as well as the support of the President is supposed to become law.

how does american democracy balance the power of majority rule?
how does american democracy balance the power of majority rule?


The problem is that majority rule no longer exists in the United States Senate. Over decades, a procedure that was created to preserve majority rule

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has been manipulated and exploited to undermine it. Today, if 41 Senators agree to block a bill, they can—even if the other 59 Senators support it.

The procedure that has upended majority rule in the Senate is called the filibuster, and there are five reasons why it must go:

1. The filibuster undermines majority rule, the founding principle of our democracy.

Majority rule was embraced by our nation’s founders, enshrined in the text of the Constitution, and reflected in Senate practice for decades.

Giving a minority of Senators the power to block all legislation is an ahistorical, anti-originalist, and fundamentally undemocratic perversion of Senate rules.

The Senate must reinstate the norm that after a Senate minority is given an opportunity to express its opposition to a bill, a Senate majority is entitled to pass it.

how does american democracy balance the power of majority rule?
how does american democracy balance the power of majority rule?

2. The legislative gridlock created by the filibuster upsets the Constitution’s balance of powers.

The filibuster has so undermined Congress’s ability to legislate that it has disrupted the balance of powers in our Constitutional system.

Legislative impasse has increased the relative importance of executive actions and associated policies that are more easily reversed from one administration to the next.

For that reason, the supermajority requirement has proven to be a source of instability—not a cure for it. Legislative impasse has also inflated the impact of judicial decisions

because Congress cannot repair statutes that have been invalidated by the courts.

3. The filibuster was created by racists and continues to serve racist ends.

The filibuster was invented to serve the interests of white supremacists and has long empowered their interests at the expense of the rights of Black Americans.

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From the end of Reconstruction to 1964, white supremacists used the filibuster to prevent Congress from addressing state-sanctioned violence against

Black Americans and the wholesale disenfranchisement of Black communities. Today, the filibuster continues to stand in the way of meaningful federal

protections against the disenfranchisement of Black Americans and people of color.


4. The filibuster prevents congressional majorities from enacting needed reforms.

Our democracy is in crisis. Last year, the sitting president of the United States falsely and repeatedly claimed to have won the 2020 election,

attempted to get officials to overturn the election results in those states, and rallied his supporters to direct their anger at Congress as it certified the election results.

Members of the president’s party are now enacting sweeping restrictions on voting rights and are poised to aggressively gerrymander districts for their partisan

benefit moving forward. Failure to eliminate the filibuster will allow these and other assaults on our democracy to go unchecked. Restoring majority rule in the

Senate is the first step towards preserving and restoring accountable, inclusive, and ethical government.

 power of majority rule
power of majority rule

5. The filibuster incentivizes partisan obstructionism—not bipartisan compromise.

Our founders rejected the idea of empowering a Senate minority to block most legislation precisely because they knew from experience that it would lead to obstruction,

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dysfunction, and corruption—the precise ills that plague our politics today. Far from leading to substantive debate and serving to improve legislation by encouraging compromise,

the filibuster has become a mechanism for partisans to halt progress of any kind.


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