how are differences usually settled in a democracy?

how are differences usually settled in a democracy?

how are differences usually settled in a democracy?

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How are differences usually settled in a democracy?

A. by compromise

B. by divine right

C. by minority rule

D. by presidential authority

ANSWER: A. By compromise

In a democracy, citizens elect the ones who will rule (president, governors, etc.), and once they are in power,

the party with the majority of electoral victories sets the agenda. However, there are times when the elected

officials might differ in their opinions and there is no clear majority on an issue. When this happens,

elected officials trade votes and make concessions in order to agree on legislative action, that is to say,

they settle their difference by political compromises.

For example, let’s suppose that a Democratic President proposes a healthcare reform to order employers to

provide health insurance to all employees, but the Republican Senators disagree and instead proposes a

reform that would order employers to provide health insurance only for people that have more than 10 years

working in the company. In order to settle the dispute, both parties would have to make a compromise.

Differences in democracy usually settled in elections. In democracy, it’s the people of the nation who decide

who to elect as an official of the government. It is the people that give their vote to someone who they think

deserve to be on the position and act as a good leader of the country. By this kind of method, there’s no one to blame,

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because each and everyone in the country has given a chance to vote and to choose their leader, their trusted person to become their country’s government officials.


How are differences usually settles in a democracy?

Usually, in democracies, differences are settled by elections.

Differences between Jacksonian and Jeffersonian Democracy?

The differences between Jacksonian and Jeffersonian democracy are: – Jacksonian democracy was led by Andrew Jackson, and Jeffersonian democracy was led by Thomas Jefferson. – Jeffersonian democracy was less radical then Jacksonian democracy.

What are some of the differences between a dictatorship and a democracy?

In a democracy, the people get to choose their dictators!


What effect did the compromise of 1850 have on sectional differences?

It settled most differences over slavery.

Differences about representation were settled by creating a?

electoral college

How were the differences settled during the Constitutional Convention in 1787?


What is the major differences between democracy and republic?

Democracy is the government knows best, and Republic is ruled by the constitution.

What did the compromise of 1850 settle?

It settled the differences between the whites and the blacks.

Example of a non Parliamentary democracy?

You cant have democracy without representation Unless every decision to do with the governing and governance of the country is settled by referendum.

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