home depot scratch and dent

home depot scratch and dent

home depot scratch and dent

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Home depot is where everyone loves to shop, and they stock everyday household items, electrical appliances, furniture, beddings, and whatnot.

Home depot considers the well-being of their customers by offering reward points, loyalty programs, and many more benefits that one can avail of if they are members of the store.

However, we see that not everything you purchase from Home Depot is top-notch. When we pick out an electrical gadget from Home Depot, we should consider whether home depot has scratch and dent appliances?

Does Home Depot or lowes Have Scratch and Dent Appliances?

Home Depot announces shopping festivals and sales at various times every year. The Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday Sales, and Christmas sales are the most prominent sales of the year.

Apart from these events, Home Depot offers many special offers around the year, when products are sold at discounted rates to customers.


home depot scratch and dent
home depot scratch and dent

Regularly, sizeable electrical appliances like range hoods, refrigerators, grills, and stoves are available for customers at an even lower price than dirt. The typical cost for a dented and scratched appliance is nearly half its regular retail price.

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The first scratch-and-dent outlet store at Lowe’s is now open, where you can purchase slightly damaged appliances up to 70% off.

A Little Damage

In the retail industry, sizeable electrical or gas appliances usually get scratches or bumps on their outer side.

These bumps, dents, and scratches typically occur when the products are shipped from the manufacturing site and brought to the warehouse for storage, and later, they are stocked at different stores like Home Depot.

While shipping and storing such a large amount of stock, some of these products may get slightly damaged, but this does not mean that they cease to function.

Due to the bruises on their exterior, customers shy away from buying these appliances.

Large retail stores like Home Depot have devised an intelligent solution to tackle this problem.

During various year-round sale seasons, the store offers these appliances to their valued customers at a further discounted rate.

The new decreased prices are attractive enough to let the customer ignore these dents and scratches on these appliances.

home depot scratch and dent
home depot scratch and dent

Go Online Before You Head for the Store

Case in point: Recently, I was in the market for a few plants, some seed and mulch for the yard. Who knew I could land a 16-channel, Q-See 1080p 2TB video surveillance system to oversee my fine landscaping work, with eight bullet, two dome and two auto-focus cameras for only $700–a $500 discount from the full price? This happened to be the online deal of the day.

“These limited [daily] discounts are almost always the best individual deals that Home Depot offers,” says Brent Shelton of FatWallet.com, a deals website. “Shoppers will often get 50% off.”

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Once you get to the store, check out the in-store overstock section, which can boast top-brand tools and more at discounts of up to 50%.

Says Benjamin Glaser of the deals website DealNews, “If you’re really lucky, you’ll find a coupon code that will stack on top of existing discounts.”

Hint: Lighting is a big selling area at Home Depot, so bounce over to that aisle. Promotions are often rampant.


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