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What is hetarosexual mean?

The word “heterosexual” is the Hindi translated word of “heterosexual”. Heterosexual is defined as a romantic or sexual attraction of two people of opposite genders.

What does heterosexual mean?

A Heterosexual is a person that feels romantic and sexual attraction towards people of the opposite gender.

i.e. A man would have sexual and romantic feelings towards women.

What does the word heterosexual mean?

Heterosexual means you are only attracted to the opposite sex.


What does straight mean on people?


Do mean women make homosexuals?

No more than heterosexual women are mean.

What is hedro sexual?

You mean heterosexual, and it means straight/ not gay.


What does het mean?

Het is short for heterosexual, heterogeneous, or even heterodyne.

Does homosexual and heterosexual mean the same?

Homosexual: having a sexual attraction to persons of the same sex Heterosexual: Sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex

What does i think I am straight mean?

“Straight” in this context would mean heterosexual. “Gay” is the slang for homosexual.

What does straight mean as in gay or not?

“Straight” means heterosexual, and “gay” means homosexual. They are opposites.

What can you do to be full straight guy?

I think that should come naturally if by “full straight guy” you mean a heterosexual male. If you have to force it, you’re not naturally heterosexual. Healthy sexuality should not have to be forced.

Why do people hate bis?

Because you are either heterosexual or heterosexual.

What is the sexuality called heterosexual?

Heterosexual is to be attracted to the opposite sex

What do you mean by Sexual Orientation?

whether someone is heterosexual (straight), homosexual (gay), or bisexual (bi)

Can a heterosexual person be described as straight?

heterosexual people = people who are straight


How do you spell heterosexual is this correct?

Yes you have written the correct spelling for heterosexual.

Does white speedos and swim trunks indicate a gay guy?

If a man has 10 fingers does that mean he is heterosexual? That is my answer.

Is Sean Connery strait?

If you mean, “Is Sean Connery a heterosexual?”, the dozens of women who he has pursued and had sex with will attest that he is.

What is the sexual orientation of Temari?

Temari (???) is heterosexual.

Is David Archuleta heterosexual?

Yes, David Archuleta es heterosexual (straight).

How do use heterosexual in a sentence?

the man i met at the party last night was heterosexual

Was William Shakespeare heterosexual?

He was heterosexual enough to get his girlfriend pregnant before marrying her.


A sentence using the word heterosexual?

You are heterosexual (Im guessing) Plus, that question is one!

Are heterosexual’s straight?

Yes, that’s the usual term. heterosexual = straight homosexual = gay

A heterosexual has sexual partners of both sexes?

They are called bi-sexual, instead of heterosexual.

What does it mean to be a heterosexual?

It means attracted to members of the opposite sex. Boys attracted to girls, girls attracted to boys.

What is a pit in sexual terms?

a pit in heterosexual terms mean a women’s vagina but in homosexual terms it mean the mans buttPit is simply a shortened form of armpit.

What is a heterosexual person?

it is a bisexual

Are the hardys married?

No. They are Heterosexual.

Is Elton John is a heterosexual?



What does it mean to be pro same-sex marriage?

It means that you support the idea that marriage should not be limited to only heterosexual couples.

Can a Straight do a tattoos in his Wrist as a Star or a cross?

Word your answer a little more clearly. Do you mean a “Straight” as in heterosexual, Straight Edge?

How do you spell heterosexual?

That is the correct spelling of “heterosexual” (those with romantic or sexual interest exclusively in the opposite gender).

When was Ray’s Male Heterosexual Dance Hall?

Ray’s Male Heterosexual Dance Hall was created in 1987.

Is Britney Spears lesbian or heterosexual?

She has been in plenty of relationships with men. I think it’s safe to say heterosexual.

When was Ray’s Male Heterosexual Dance Hall created?

Ray’s Male Heterosexual Dance Hall was created in 1987.

Does starting your period early mean that you like boys?

No, menstruation doesn’t impact on your sexuality.When you start your period doesn’t make you heterosexual.

What is eve sexual orientation?




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