grey goose vodka alcohol percentage

grey goose vodka alcohol percentage

grey goose vodka alcohol percentage

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Grey Goose Vodka 750 ml

GREY GOOSE Vodka contains 40% alcohol by volume giving it a classification of 80 proof.

750 ml Bottle

Grey Goose Vodka is crafted in France’s legendary Cognac region. Using wheat and artesian spring water creating clear, fresh and elegant aromas that produce a soft, gentle and full-balanced flavor.

  • Brand: Grey Goose
  • Category: Spirits
  • Class: Vodka
  • Type: Grain Vodka
  • Style1: Wheat Vodka
  • Origin: France
  • ABV/Proof: 80
  • Volume: 750 ml
  • Package Size: 750 ml
  • In Stock (56)
  • Aisle: 14
grey goose vodka alcohol percentage
grey goose vodka alcohol percentage


How Many Calories In Grey Goose Vodka 750 ml?

Grey Goose Vodka is blended with wheat that eliminates the calories level of the drink. It contains only 97 gram of calories per 12 ounces of drink. As compared to low abv drinks, the calories in Grey Goose Vodka are almost less by 50%. It helps the body to maintain the utilization of energy that comes from the drink. It enhances the blood circulation in the body and keeps the carbohydrate substance in motion.

Among many alcohol drinkers, Vodka Grey Goose stays the front runner as it provides health benefits more than expected from alcohol consumption.

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What is Grey Goose Vodka ABV (Alcohol by Volume)?

Grey Goose Vodka alcohol content upper limit is 40%. This alcohol percentage is very common in vodkas, spirits, and high-end liquors. While the producers of Grey Goose Vodka do not compromise on the alcohol quality, they often drop the carb and calories in the drink for good.

This combination where calories and Carbs are less allows the body to metabolize the alcohol in the body at a normal rate. High calories and carbs can cause the drink to become heavy. It could be harmful to the consumer.

What are Grey Goose Vodka ingredients?

Customers more often stay curious “what ingredients make grey goose vodka such delicious?” Grey Goose vodka is uniformly made from soft winter wheat compliments the taste of the drink. Other ingredients include potatoes and grapes.

grey goose vodka alcohol percentage
grey goose vodka alcohol percentage

Beyond the subject of ingredients, those who follow a gluten-free diet wonder if “Is Grey Goose vodka is gluten-free?” Fortunately, yes, Grey goose vodka is gluten-free. The wheat contains gluten, however, the vodka goes through the distillation process. It eliminates all the features of gluten. It is a perfectly healthy drink called Grey Goose Vodka proof.

What are different Grey Goose Vodka flavors?

There are five different flavors of Grey Goose Vodka. These are Original, LA Vanilla, LE Citron Vodka, LA Poire, L’Orange, and Cherry Noir. Since 1997, Grey Goose Vodka is the king of cocktails.

It has been awarded for its exquisite taste and the art of alcohol blending. Till this time, Grey Goose Vodka is the discovering vodka for over 5 International cocktails.

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Grey Goose Vodka drinks allow the consumer to experience a superior art of alcohol consumption. It helps the body to overcome any bad-flavored drink. Over and Above, vodka grey goose positively compliments the power of alcohol. Even with high abv, it has fanatics all over the world.


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