god of war pandora

god of war pandora

god of war pandora

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Pandora’s Temple

The gate that leads up the stairs in the center of this stormy courtyard is locked for now, and you’ll have to talk with the gatekeeper on the plateau far above to unlock it. To reach him, turn left on the first plateau and you’ll find a pathway that leads down and around the cliffside. Follow the path to it’s end, where you’ll need to pull out a section of the stone wall to form stairs. Quickly jump up the stone stairs to reach the upper plateau and speak with the gatekeeper. He’ll open up the gate below, so drop down to the original clearing to continue your journey.

Of course, things aren’t quite that easy. As soon as you land back down on the original clearing, two giant cyclopses march onto the scene. You’ll want to fight them like other cyclopses, using quick two-to-three hit combos from a distance and quickly rolling away (backwards) to avoid the enemy’s counter attack. When the cycloses are weakened, a CIRCLE will appear over their heads, letting you initiate a quick mini-game to finish them off.

You’ll fight three cyclopses in all (only two at a time) before the gate is once again opened up to you. Climb the stairway and grab the Gorgon Eye from the chest to the left and the Phoenix Feather from the chest to the right before turning the lever in the center of the platform to open the large doorway.
Step into the hall and you’ll immediately be attacked by a pack of wraiths. On the far end of the room, archers will try to pick you off while you fight, and it’s not a bad idea to take care of them first (they’ll each respawn once). Fight off the wraiths to clear the room, and then examine the door at the end of the hall to open it up and enter the Rings of Pandora.
god of war pandora
god of war pandora
Unable to do so himself after Zeus’ initial punishment, the Gods’ Smith could not stand to lose his own child. Reluctantly, Kratos accepted, if only to retrieve the means to kill Zeus from the Box. Over time, Kratos too saw Pandora’s potential and grew fond of her.
Pandora (Πανδώρα, “All gifts”), is the self-made and adoptive daughter of Hephaestus, and the tritagonist in God of War III. She was voiced by Natalie Lander.
According to Athena and Hephaestus, Pandora’s Box contained all of the evils in the world, including that of humanity, which were created in the wake of the Titanomachy.
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Pandora was the first mortal woman in Greek mythology, a sort of an Ancient Greek Eve. Following the instructions of Zeus – who wanted to punish Prometheus for stealing the fire from the gods and giving it to the humans – she was molded by Hephaestus and endowed with gifts by all the other Olympian gods.

Greek Mythology

Pandora was the first woman to exist. She, and therefore, the female sex, was created as punishment for Prometheus’ theft of fire – Hephaestus molded her from the Earth, and each God bestowed seductive gifts on her. She and Epimetheus, were entrusted with Pandora’s Box by the Gods, either for safekeeping or a desire to punish mankind. The Box was said to contain all the evils of the world, and despite instructions not to open it, Pandora’s curiosity betrayed her. In an attempt to peek inside, all of the evil energies within were released and left behind only Hope, who decided to stay inside the box to remain with humanity. Thus, despite having innocent intentions, Pandora was blamed for all the woes of mankind.

“Box,” was in fact a mistranslation from the Greek word pithos, a large jar, into the Latin pyxis, a box.

god of war pandora
god of war pandora

God of War III

Created by Hephaestus, Pandora served as a key to the mythological Pandora’s Box, which was rumored to bring about the end of the World. After Kratos found Pandora’s Box, protected by the Flame of Olympus, Athena appeared before him, informed him of Pandora’s role as key, and how to gain access to the Box’s contents.

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While visiting Hephaestus one more time, the Smith God revealed to Kratos that he had created Pandora as a key to the Box: she was an object neither living nor dead, but he sheltered her from Zeus and instead suggested Cronos as the perfect guardian for the box, as no Mortal could best a Titan. However, after Kratos used Pandora’s Box to defeat Ares, Zeus became fearful of the box’s power and tortured Hephaestus until he revealed Pandora’s location.

Zeus then hid the Box in the Flame of Olympus so that only Pandora could unseal it, and kidnapped Pandora, which prevented her from ever freeing the Box. Zeus then ordered Daedalus to construct a Labyrinth in order to keep Pandora imprisoned, much like he did with the Minotaur.

Pandora was able to communicate with Kratos through bronze statues in her likeness and appeared from a small blue flame in the statue’s hands. Pandora appeared several times throughout Kratos’ journey, asked him to free her, and hinted at her location.

It was within the Labyrinth that Kratos eventually found Pandora, trapped at the very core of the structure. She helped Kratos escape the Labyrinth by guiding him along its cubes and entering small grates that he could not enter. On the other hand, Kratos had to save Pandora from several traps and protected her from hordes of monsters. Along the way to the Flame, Pandora talked about how much fear consumed the Gods: a fear of her and a fear of the “Marked Warrior.”

Pandora expressed how much she hated herself for seeing Hephaestus tortured by Zeus because of her. Kratos simply replied: “Hephaestus did what every father should: protect his child.” Pandora continued and said that when the Gods’ fear rose, her own fear was replaced by Hope, and even though Kratos believed that hope was for the weak, Pandora insisted that hope was what everyone had when all is lost.  When the two of them saw the hanging corpse of Daedalus, Kratos told her: “This is what Hope delivers, child. You should learn that now.”

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god of war pandora
god of war pandora

Eventually, Kratos brought Pandora to the Flame of Olympus and destroyed much of the Chamber of the Flame in the process. Kratos however, could not bring himself to use Pandora to free the Box from the Flames, and tried to stop her by vowing to find another way, even though she was already willing to sacrifice herself.

Zeus appeared shortly afterwards, and a fight between the Ghost of Sparta and the King of Olympus ensued. After he buried Zeus under a pile of rubble, Kratos attempted to stop Pandora from rushing into the Flames by grabbing onto her hand. At that point, Zeus and Pandora both attempted to influence Kratos’ decision. Zeus demanded his son not to let her go, whilst Pandora demanded otherwise.

Ultimately, Kratos’ hatred towards Zeus proved greater than his desire to safeguard Pandora. Kratos lashed out at Zeus, while Pandora disappeared into the flames. Having sacrificed her life to aid Kratos, Pandora succeeded in extinguishing the flames, and Kratos discovered Pandora’s Box empty. Zeus, who witnessed the whole ordeal, stood near Kratos, gloated and laughed over another one of his “failures” before he fled outside.

Despite Pandora’s apparent death, her spirit lived on and appeared to Kratos as a ball of flame when he was attacked by Zeus’ Spirit. She was able to guide Kratos out of the Chaos and darkness in which Zeus had trapped him. Kratos eventually unlocked the power of Hope, which was sealed within his own soul and finally defeated the King of the Gods.

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