geothermal energy is derived from the sun

geothermgeothermal energy is derived from the sunal energy is derived from the sun

geothermal energy is derived from the sun

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What is geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is heat within the earth. The word geothermal comes from the Greek words geo (earth) and therme (heat). Geothermal energy is a renewable energy source because heat is continuously produced inside the earth. People use geothermal heat for bathing, to heat buildings, and to generate electricity.

geothermal energy is derived from the sun
geothermal energy is derived from the sun

Geothermal energy comes from deep inside the earth

The slow decay of radioactive particles in the earth’s core, a process that happens in all rocks, produces geothermal energy.

The earth has four major parts or layers:

  • An inner core of solid iron that is about 1,500 miles in diameter
  • An outer core of hot molten rock called magma that is about 1,500 miles thick.
  • A mantle of magma and rock surrounding the outer core that is about 1,800 miles thick
  • A crust of solid rock that forms the continents and ocean floors that is 15 to 35 miles thick under the continents and 3 to 5 miles thick under the oceans


Scientists have discovered that the temperature of the earth’s inner core is about 10,800 degrees Fahrenheit (°F), which is as hot as the surface of the sun. Temperatures in the mantle range from about 392°F at the upper boundary with the earth’s crust to approximately 7,230°F at the mantle-core boundary.


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The earth’s crust is broken into pieces called tectonic plates. Magma comes close to the earth’s surface near the edges of these plates, which is where many volcanoes occur. The lava that erupts from volcanoes is partly magma. Rocks and water absorb heat from magma deep underground. The rocks and water found deeper underground have the highest temperatures.

geothermal energy is derived from the sun
geothermal energy is derived from the sun

Is geothermal energy derived from the Sun (indirectly)?

No. It’s not even indirectly related to sun’s energy.

It’s completely related to mother Earth. As name depict ‘geo’ meaning Earth.

The friction between tectonic plates generate heat sufficient to melt the rocks at core. Also Earth isn’t in a particular shape for all the time.

As it comes closer to sun its shape becomes elliptical (somewhat) & as it goes away from sun its shape becomes more close to spherical.

This stretching & contracting causes great friction resulting in tremendous heat energy.

You may have felt the heat when you accidentally rub your finger against rubber carpet or plastic.

Now imagine how much heat will generate due to friction at core of Earth.

Geothermal energy is thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth. Thermal energy is the energy that determines the temperature of matter. The geothermal energy of the Earth’s crust originates from the original formation of the planet and from radioactive decay of materials (in currently uncertain but possibly roughly equal proportions).

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