fannie doxer bio

fannie doxer bio

fannie doxer bio

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fannie doxer biography

Her birth date was listed as 1949-09-30. Her age is 72. 66 Pickwick Wy, Wayland, MA 01778-3848 is the last known address for Kathleen. Roberta G Cohen and Leonard Fox spent some time in this place. Zip code 01778 (Wayland) average rent price for two bedrooms is $2,360 per month. The popularity rank for the name Kathleen was 921 in the US in 2020, the Social Security Administration’s data shows

Just before Sept. 11, 2001, Kathleen “Fannie” Doxer opened the eighth location of her namesake factory warehouse store. Six months later, in March 2002, the brand new Springfield, Va., store closed – along with three other Washington, D.C., area outlets.


“I never even saw the finished store,” said Doxer, 53, better known as “Frugal Fannie.” “That was a direct result of Sept. 11. Washington became a horrible market.”

fannie doxer bio
fannie doxer bio

That, Doxer said, was the beginning of the end for Frugal Fannie’s. Two weeks ago, she and her husband Orrin, Frugal’s cofounder, announced plans to close their four remaining Massachusetts locations, in Westwood, Framingham, Brighton, and Reading. Doxer said the stores will stay open until everything is gone, which she expects to be within the month.

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Doxer during an interview

“It’s a tragedy, what can I say?” said Doxer during an interview last week in the company’s Westwood headquarters. “I never knew how loved Frugal Fannie’s was. The outpouring of affection and despair – it makes me feel good, but it makes me feel sadder, too.”

In the beginning, Doxer said, the plan was to play off womens’ love of bargains. The Westwood location began as a distribution center for several smaller apparel stores the Doxers had owned since the mid-1970s. When one of their wholesale customers went out of business, Doxer said, her company was left with $3 million worth of goods that needed to be sold. So, they opened a small section of the distribution center to the public on weekends only (because of its location in an industrial park, weekday parking was limited).

The Doxers came up with the familiar store name after they witnessed the “frugal Yankee mentality” during a trip to Maine. Orrin Doxer’s mother, Annie, was a bargain shopper, and, using alliteration, Frugal Fannie’s was born.

A place to shop

Since the first store (a 40,000-square-foot warehouse) opened in 1983 just off Route 1 in Westwood, Frugal Fannie’s has been as much a local institution as a place to shop. Area women have spent their weekends sorting through the store’s overwhelming collection of off- price clothing and shoes.

fannie doxer bio
fannie doxer bio

Patience was a virtue at Frugal Fannie’s – as was a willingness to change in a communal dressing room, stand in long lines, and leave husbands behind in a TV-equipped waiting area near the front of the store.

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“We love shopping here together,” said Kathleen Kiely, a Medfield resident and Westwood native who visited the liquidation sale last week with her daughter, Megan, 17. The two were waiting in the checkout line with a cart full of spring clothes and prom shoes. “It looked like it was doing so well.”

According to Doxer, several factors, including a shift in women’s work apparel and competition from other discount stores, such as Marshall’s and TJ Maxx, and the rise of clothing sales at mass retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart, and even Costco, led the company to tough times.

“There’s a big price difference between suits, and T-shirts and pants,” said Doxer. “It forced us to change our merchandising strategies . . . the dollars weren’t adding up.”


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